Building what's next starts with data-driven insights.

Increasing efficiency, saving time, and improving communication are critical for any specialty contractor. We surveyed our customers and analyzed the numbers to bring you an in-depth look at how they're using Procore to make their business better and build what's next.

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Dig in to the ROI of Procore for specialty contractors.

We talked to our specialty contractor clients from around the world to find out how Procore is impacting their businesses. Here's what they said.


Protect profit margins.

Get paid for the work you do every time with tools to ensure payment for out-of-scope work, real-time updates, and the ability to create change events directly from your mobile device.

Surveyed contractors agree Procore change management tools help reduce the frequency of non-recoverable change orders.

24% graphic
MEP Contractors
34% graphic
Structural Contractors
25% graphic
Finish Contractors

Improve field-to-office communication.

Communication becomes easy when everyone is working in one platform. Any project stakeholder can log in to Procore at any time and see exactly what needs to be done and when. 

Contractors agree that Procore helps improve field-to-office communication.

85% graphic
MEP Contractors
90% graphic
Structural Contractors
77% graphic
Finish Contractors

Take on more work.

Get more done with the resources you already have by creating efficiencies and reducing the busywork.

Specialty contractors surveyed say the platform allows them to take on up to a quarter more work.

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Stay on schedule.

Making real-time decisions, avoiding rework, and learning from past projects all add up to save you days, not hours, on your projects.

Days saved on a typical project using Procore
11 days graphic
MEP Contractors
9 days graphic
Structural Contractors
10 days graphic
Finish Contractors
Save 2.6 hours per week

Save time on daily reporting.

Capture the data you need no matter where you are with mobile tools that make daily reporting easy.


Save time on submittals & RFIs.

Keep RFIs and submittals organized and in one place, turn questions into actions quickly, and get things done quickly with tools that were built for specialty contractors.

Contractors can process and distribute submittals + RFIs faster.
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Stats only tell part of the story.

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