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Like you, our clients run complex and dynamic projects with multiple stakeholders and moving parts. Our products help standardize business processes so they can focus on growing their businesses—not just managing their projects.

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See how Athena Engineering saves thousands of dollars a year with Procore.

  • "Procore is a huge help. We were struggling with a high volume of projects with no organization method shared across the enterprise. People had to email attachments, explain RFIs, and collaborate via phone, but now everything is in one place."

    Athena Chiera
    Athena Engineering

  • Athena

    By the Numbers

    • Industry Type

      Mechanical/HVAC and Commercial GC

    • Software Used Before Procore

      Excel and Prolog

    • Number of Employees


    • Number of Projects per Year


    • Average Project Value


    • Total Annual Construction Volume


  • Athena

    Key Results

    • Reduced printing costs by 15% ($4,000+ savings per year)

    • Field teams save 30 minutes per person per day

    • Eliminated licenses of other applications ($2,500+ savings per year)

    • Change orders are approved up to 2 weeks faster

Performance Enhancing Software

We surveyed 80 companies who perform $5-20M in annual construction volume, to find out how their projects are running since they started using Procore.

Solutions Used Before Procore

Prior to using Procore, the most common solutions applications used to manage projects were Excel, email, paper, and prominent construction-specific applications.

  • Excel
  • Email
  • Paper
  • Other Construction

Typical Savings with Procore


63% of Project Managers
save at least 1 hour per day

Printing Costs

58% of companies report a
decrease in printing costs


86% of companies complete
projects faster

Improved Financial Controls with Procore

reduce non-recoverable change orders

report more accurate forecasts

improve communication between field and accounting team

Workflow Time Savings with Procore

Punch List Items

57% close punchlists in less than 7 days


72% close punchlists in less than 7 days


77% close punchlists in less than 3 days

Change Orders

72% approve change orders faster

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