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Procore is mobile, cloud-based construction software designed to help you streamline workflows and collaborate in real time. We simplifiy complex processes, so you can keep doing what you do best—build.

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  • Project Management

    Streamline communication and centralize your documentation in our best-in-class PM solution.

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  • Quality & Safety

    All the tools to help you baseline, identify trends, and improve on your quality and safety processes.

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  • Construction Financials

    Connect the field to the office and provide financial stakeholders with the data they need to confidently make decisions.

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  • Field Productivity

    Easy-to-use mobile tools that allow your field management to track and analyze labor data in real time.

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Procore Project Management

Project Management

The easiest-to-use tools for the hardest-to-manage job.

Procore Project Management helps you manage multiple projects, in one place, with ultimate project visibility. Hear the top 5 reasons.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Build a truly collaborative environment with unlimited seat licenses and real time accessibility for every project team member. From bidding to closeout, keep your project up to date and your team in the loop so no change goes unnoticed.

Connect field and office.

Keep teams together, even when they're not. That's the power of mobility. With Procore, your team can access all the information they need, with real time updates and instantaneous tracking. This means more teamwork, less rework, and even better project margins.

Manage drawings and specs.

Procore is a drawing-centric construction platform that puts everything your team needs (submittals, RFIs, punch lists, photos, and more) into the current drawing set so that everyone has what they need when they need it.

Quality & Safety

Manage excellence with data that works as hard as you do.

We've built the most honest quality and safety software ever. With real time data at your fingertips, issues can't hide and you won't be surprised. Hear the top 5 reasons.

Know where the problems lie.

Pinpoint and problem-solve issues across all your projects using data and reporting dashboards. Create customized reports, share, and take action on those reports quickly so you can keep doing the things that make your team excel, and stop doing the things that might put you at risk.

Excellence requires excellence.

You're building a quality job, so you need tools that live up to (or exceed) your expectations. Perform jobs faster, communicate more efficiently, and ensure a quality build with tools designed to outperform the competition.

Freedom with control.

You never want to jeopardize data, but no build is the same. With Procore's Quality & Safety solution, you can have company-level reporting that maintains your company data and helps you standardize reports, while giving projects the freedom to make (some) adjustments where needed.

Procore Construction Financials

Construction Financials

Do more than run great projects, run a great company.

Complete financial oversight and control from field to office. Hear the top 5 reasons.

Field Teams will love you.

Construction Financials gives your field team the tools to track, record, and report real time cost impacts all in one place with an extremely easy-to-use interface (no four-year accounting degree required). Your field team gets the answers they need, while your accounting team keeps the control they must have.

Company executives will look like psychics.

You'll be able to receive real time data from the field, allowing you to collect important insights, make informed data-driven decisions, and develop more accurate forecasting. When changes happen, your bottom line will showcase those changes right away instead of waiting and being surprised later. When you can see things in real time, you can maximize your company's profit margin, and identify trends that help you future-proof your financials.

Field Productivity

Mobile labor management.

Timesheets and reporting that are mobile, integrated, and easy to use.

Input real-time data from the jobsite.

Replace paper-based and Excel timecards with a mobile app to enter time for individuals or entire crews, directly from the jobsite.

Decrease data entry.

Create time entries for multiple employees against multiple cost codes at one time—significantly saving time when entering timecards for crews.

Simplify payroll.

Timesheets offers the option to enter lump-sum time or time-in and time-out for employees, as well as overtime and paid time off—removing additional steps of re-entering that data into your Payroll and ERP solution. Employees can add a signature to the time entry to verify the hours entered are correct.

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