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Contractors having a conversation
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A blueprint for building safer.

Go beyond standard rules and create a culture of safety. Get started with these free safety courses.

Contractors having a conversation

Stay safe for the people counting on you.

Typical construction safety training revolves around what you can't do and the rules you have to follow. Procore Safety Qualified is an educational experience with comprehensive and practical recommendations to staying healthy and focused. Each course explores one of the following topics:

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See how well-fitting PPE starts with procurement and how to build a framework to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

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Learn about a holistic approach to being safer at work—including strategies for hydration, nutrition, and injury prevention.

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Get useful suggestions to keep your focus and do your best work—especially in stressful situations.

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Discover new ways to understand why incidents happen and how to prevent them going forward.

Construction workers having a conversation


Suit up for safety.

Learn why PPE starts with procurement and how to build a sustainable framework to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

  • Understand OHSA and PPE requirements on the jobsite.

  • Explore the changing demographics of construction workers.

  • Learn about the data that supports PPE sourcing options.

Construction workers using Procore on a tablet


Healthy workers are safe workers.

Learn how to combat your job's physical demands with proven methods taken from sport science and professional athletics.

  • Make decisions to improve your daily and long-term health.

  • Get tips on how to avoid common injuries.

  • Explore practical strategies for hydration, recovery, and nutrition.

Construction worker on the jobsite


Stay focused. Stay safe.

Discover how mental preparedness can reduce your risk of incident and get suggestions to stay focused in the heat of the moment.

  • Learn how mindsets and environments can help you do your best work.

  • Use mindfulness to solve unique construction challenges.

  • Get suggestions for how to mentally prepare for your day.

Construction worker using Procore on a tablet


Make a change for the safer.

Prioritize safety by changing the conversation. This course offers ways to build a culture that prevents accidents and save lives.

  • Communicate the importance of safety across your organization.

  • Explore methods for analyzing safety precursors.

  • Identify risks and get a deeper understanding of why accidents happen.

Get started today.

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