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Your infrastructure and industrial projects, reimagined.

Whether you’re managing the turnover of an oil refinery, commissioning a new manufacturing facility, or replacing a water main, Procore provides an all-in-one construction platform—giving you visibility into every step of the process.

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Manage the most complex industrial and infrastructure projects on one simple platform.

Your infrastructure, industrial, manufacturing, and energy projects—from oil refineries to auto manufacturing facilities, bridges, and data centers—power the communities around us. You require, and deserve, only the best solutions. Empower your team with the insights they need to keep every project moving smoothly.

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Collaborate Across Teams

On complex projects with many different vendors and tight timelines, Procore lets you seamlessly collaborate with everyone in a single platform.

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Create Consistency And Take Control

No matter the project, use Procore to build standardized processes, ensuring everything that gets done in your facilities is up to your standard.

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Reduce Project Risk

With real-time insights into every project, understand the impact your decisions have on the schedule and budget, and use advanced analytics to ward off problems before they happen.

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“We purchased Procore so, at the end of the day, we'd have a uniform system that we could go back to. We told all of our GCs, 'Hey, if you want to build with us, you have to use Procore.”

Brian Schneider


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“Procore is our accountability tool. Schedule and budgets are seen by PMs and elected officials. There's no wiggle room.”

Jessy Milner

Front Line Consulting

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“It's easy to access, easy to use—it's intuitive. Procore helps us stay simple, and we love the fact that we can archive everything, all project data, and refer back to it—forever.”

Nancy Novak

SVP of Construction

Compass Datacenters

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Set your business apart with a construction platform that maximizes your ROI.


Build for Scale

74% of surveyed Owners say Procore’s platform makes their business more scalable.


Increase Efficiency

Owners surveyed say they can manage 45% more capital projects/assets per person.


Improve Communication

90% of Owners surveyed agree Procore improves their field-to-office communication.

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Work Together

Collaboration is the name of the game.

With hundreds or even thousands of people working on your project, it’s critical that everyone stays on the same page.

  • Shorten the feedback loop between question and answer.
  • Provide contractors the information they need to do their jobs right the first time.
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Stay Consistent

Get the job done right. Every time.

Whether your contractors are inspecting 1,000 welds or installing 10,000 computer servers, the ultimate responsibility falls on you. Make sure every element is completed to your quality standards.

  • Manage a consistent inspection, punch list, and closeout process.
  • Maintain consistent document management hierarchy across all jobs.
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Protect Yourself

Stay ahead of risk.

Your jobsites are complex environments with little wiggle-room when it comes to the big three: schedule, budget, and quality. With Procore you can track budgets, avoid overspend, mitigate vendor errors, and ultimately, ensure success. 

  • Get the details right with checklists, inspections, and punch lists.
  • Understand the impact any changes will have on your overall budget.
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Purpose-Built Software for Industrial and Infrastructure Projects.

Build new assets with a platform that empowers your teams to own the entire lifecycle of your development. These are some of the products owners are using on industrial projects today.

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