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Industrial Projects

Your industrial projects, reimagined.

Whether you’re managing the turnover of an oil refinery or you’re commissioning a new manufacturing facility, Procore provides an all-in-one construction platform—giving you visibility into every step of the process.

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Manage the most complex jobs on one easy-to-use platform.

Your industrial, manufacturing, and energy projects—from oil refineries to auto manufacturers and data centers—are bringing the resources needed to power the communities around us. You require, and deserve, only the best solutions. Empower your team with the insights they need to keep every project moving smoothly.

Collaborate Across Teams

On complex projects with many different vendors and tight timelines, Procore lets you seamlessly collaborate with everyone in a single platform.

Create Consistency And Take Control

No matter the project, use Procore to build standardized processes, ensuring everything that gets done in your facilities is up to your standard.

Reduce Project Risk

With real-time insights into every project, understand the impact your decisions have on the schedule and budget, and use advanced analytics to ward off problems before they happen.

“We purchased Procore so, at the end of the day, we'd have a uniform system that we could go back to. We told all of our GCs, 'Hey, if you want to build with us, you have to use Procore.”

Brian Schneider


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“It's easy to access, easy to use—it's intuitive. Procore helps us stay simple, and we love the fact that we can archive everything, all project data, and refer back to it—forever.”

Nancy Novak

Compass Datacenters

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Purpose-Built Software for Industrial Projects.

Build new assets with a platform that empowers your teams to own the entire lifecycle of your development. These are some of the products owners are using on industrial projects today.

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