Building what's next starts with data-driven insights.

Increasing visibility, saving time, and improving communication are critical for any owner. We surveyed our customers and analyzed the numbers to bring you an in-depth look at how they're using Procore to make their business better and build what's next.

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Dig in to the ROI of Procore for general contractors.

We talked to our general contractor clients from around the world to find out how Procore is impacting their businesses. Here's what they said.


Protect profits.

Cut down on surprise costs and delays with real-time updates and access to historical information.

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Save time.

Making real-time decisions, avoiding rework, and standardization all add up to save you days on projects.

  • On a typical project, general contractors surveyed say they saved an average of 11 days by using Procore.
  • On a typical project, project managers save an average of 10 hours a week by using Procore on their projects.
90% Structural Contractors agree that Procore helps standardize processes across all their projects

Increase communication.

Communication becomes easy when everyone is working in one platform. Any project stakeholder can log in to Procore at any time and see exactly what needs to be done and when.

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67% of general contractors say their business is more adaptable and future-proof with Procore.

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80% of general contractors report improved communication for their remote workforce.

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69% of general contractors say Procore helps them communicate new safety protocols.


Recruit and retain top talent.

Keeping and finding the best talent is always a challenge, but best-in-class technology keeps teams feeling engaged and equiped to do their job.

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of general contractors say Procore has helped their company onboard new hires.

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of general contractors say Procore helps increase job offer acceptance rate and employee retention.


Future-proof your business.

Use real-time data to make informed decisions every time with Procore's easy-to-read dashboards and reports.

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of general contractors say that Procore helps identify areas for improvment on their projects.

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of general contractors say that procore increases visibility into the health of their projects.

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of general contractos say thay have more protection in a litigation scenario from tracking and capturing data in Procore.

Stats only tell part of the story.

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