Prime Contracts

Set your project up for succes by creating a single source of truth for owners and contractors to manage prime contracts.

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Build a sturdy foundation for your project's financial success.

The Prime Contract tool in Procore Project Financials establishes real-time accountability for a project's agreed upon scope, schedule, and budget throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

  • Make real-time contract status visible to project and accounting teams 
  • See how Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs) impact Procore's Budget tool in real time
  • Eliminate double entry with end-to-end connections to other Procore products and accounting integrations
  • Make accurate, data-driven decisions with real-time access to current financial information

“Procore allows us to define and mandate standard practice, so I can compare cost and budgets and schedules and tasks between projects.”

Jessy Milner

Front Line Consulting, LLC