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Stiles Construction

Stiles is a full-service commercial real estate firm with a clear mission: Invest. Build. Manage. Stiles services include development, construction, tenant improvement, realty, property management, architecture, acquisitions and financing.

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The time-consuming and manual process of building custom dashboards with Excel and CSV files led Stiles Construction to look for a way to simplify the process. They were also searching for ways to ensure that their dashboards were consistent, up-todate, and reliable.


In their search, Stiles Construction discovered Construction BI’s Power BI App and the SQL Server App for Procore. Using the two apps in tandem, data from Procore automatically flowed into Power BI, providing more up-to-date and relevant data. Additionally, the custom dashboards helped increase transparency and trust for project stakeholders.

Streamlining Data Across Systems

When researching analytics solutions, Kristopher reviewed a variety of platforms such as Tableau, Domo, and Qlik. However, as Stiles is a Microsoft shop, it became clear early on that the best decision for the organization was to implement Microsoft’s Power BI. In order to ensure that data visualizations and custom metrics were as useful as possible, Kristopher wanted to be able to integrate data sources from all of their systems including Procore, Sage, Textura, and SharePoint. In his research, he found that Power BI functions as a hybrid solution that can integrate data from a variety of sources and feed it into a set of integrated reports and dashboards.

Once Kristopher discovered Construction BI’s Power BI App for Procore on the Procore App Marketplace, he decided to get in touch with the CEO of Construction BI, Jason Ramsey, to discuss the challenges Stiles was facing. Since Stiles already had dashboards in place, the company was a perfect candidate for Construction BI’s SQL Server App for Procore. This solution would give Stiles near real-time access to their Procore data, the flexibility to incorporate other data sources, and the freedom to build custom dashboards.

One West building by Stiles Construction

Implementation Made Quick and Seamless

When Stiles became more data-driven, the necessity to continue building and deploying custom dashboards had increased. Construction BI’s SQL Server App for Procore allowed their Procore data to flow seamlessly into Power BI via automatically scheduled refreshes. Also, Stiles was able to use the Power BI App for Procore which comes with ready-made dashboards that focuses on areas such as Project Status, Quality & Safety, and Financials. By using a hybrid of both platforms, the team became more accustomed to visualizing the data, and it allowed them to create custom dashboards that met organizational needs. In fact, being able to see project insights from Procore, mixed with data from their Sage accounting system, helped decision-makers keep a closer eye on projects.

Modern commercial offices by Stiles Construction

Trust Gained with Information Quality

After implementing both the Power BI App for Procore and SQL Server App for Procore, Kristopher Lengieza and the Stiles team are now confident that data pulled into their Power BI dashboards, and ultimately used into their decision-making process, are accurate, timely, and reliable.

As a result, more project stakeholders use information in the Power BI dashboards to make critical decisions and help keep projects on schedule, under budget, and limit their potential risk. With the Construction BI solution, Stiles executives are now able to utilize dashboards to make critical decisions with ease and confidence.