Case Study

Warfel Construction

Viewpoint Vista and Procore: the sync that saved Warfel 75+ hours of manual entry

The Challenge

Warfel Construction, a longtime user of Vista ERP software, was contending with project management data silos—five different programs whose datasets did not speak to each other. The construction company was in search of an all-encompassing construction management platform that could both consolidate their PM and seamlessly connect with and complement their Vista ERP.

The Solution

The integration by Ryvit seamlessly connects Procore and Vista, allowing Warfel to keep their ERP system while joining it with the number one project management software for construction. Office and field are connected, and project teams can make accurate, informed decisions based on real-time numbers.

The Results

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“Procore is the number one project management software out there, hands down.”
Dylan Keller
Dylan Keller, Project Manager and Leed Green Associate
Warfel Construction

Bye Bye Silos

Warfel Construction had a data problem. The venerable GC has been building since 1911—that is, just eight years after the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane. In that time, Warfel has gathered the collective wisdom of the evolving industry—navigating construction’s twists and turns and masterfully adopting technology. They’d settled on Vista by Viewpoint ERP software for their financials but still found themselves running projects through a patchwork of non-integrated construction management point solutions that were siloed from each other and—more worrisomely—siloed from the financials they housed in Vista. Warfel’s Project Manager and LEED Green Associate, Dylan Keller, put it this way; “In our organization, we were working in five different programs that did not speak to each other. That’s one thing that we set out to eliminate. That’s why it was so key that whoever we partnered with had to speak to Vista.”

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Riveted by Ryvit

Warfel’s financials being happily fused with Vista presented a challenge—or at least a checkbox—as Warfel now went searching for a single platform construction management solution that could integrate with Vista. Viewpoint, Vista’s parent company, was offering its own newly-hatched PM solution. The compare-contrast was handy. “We started evaluating Procore,” says Phil Weaver, Senior Director of IT at Warfel. “It didn’t take us long to figure out that while Viewpoint may be on the right path, they were pretty far behind what was already built out in Procore. And Procore had an integration path into Vista.” That path was made possible by the Integration by Ryvit.

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“Very Clear Very Quickly”

Phil and Dylan were familiar with the Ryvit connector by name and reputation. Still, they took a slow walkthrough to see how it would go. “We made sure it worked for change orders, commitment, budgets, things like that,” Phil says. “We got a level of comfort before we got more advanced with the financials integration.” And? “It just worked. It just worked kind of out of the box.” Between Procore’s dedupe function decluttering Warfel’s ERP system of record, and the hands-free migration, Phil figures just the syncing of vendors and projects alone saved them 75+ hours of manual entry. “I mean,” Dylan says, “Procore was the number one project management software out there, hands down. But at the same time, without that connector, we wouldn’t have been able to make that partnership—because of how vested we are with Vista as our ERP software. So yeah, it became very clear very quickly that it was a no brainer choice.”

Warfel Construction began building its client list in 1911 and shows no signs of slowing down. A commanding presence throughout the Mid- Atlantic region, Warfel’s long standing keynotes of honesty, integrity, accountability, initiative, and teamwork have made them a familiar and trusted general contractor in the region, with a generations deep reputation.


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