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Procore’s all-in-one platform and Sage 100 Contractor integration streamlined essential processes to save UrbanCore employees 5 hours each per week.

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About UrbanCore

UrbanCore Construction is a development and construction firm focusing on residential and commercial properties. It provides turnkey development solutions, a full range of construction services, and consulting for strategic joint ventures and investments. In an effort to integrate the team’s accounting solution with its project management solution, they decided to implement Procore’s Sage 100 Contractor integration developed with hh2 Cloud Services.

Reduced Double Entry

Instead of entering change orders, direct costs, and budgets into two systems, data easily and automatically syncs between the two—saving each accounting team member about 5 hours per week

Improved Forcasting

The integration allows teams to view up-to-date job costs and profits at any moment, ensuring more accurate projections.

Increased Profit Margins

The integration allows teams to view up-to-date Real-time information means that non-billable costs aren’t slipping through the cracks at the end of every month due to outdated data.job costs and profits at any moment, ensuring more accurate projections.

"Now that we’re using Procore––which our project managers and project teams rave about––there really is no need for them to be in Sage."

Andy Underhill

The Challenge

Before using the Sage 100 Contractor integration, UrbanCore’s team had to double enter information into Sage 100 and Procore, adding direct costs into both on a monthly basis. They would then reconcile those costs which took upwards of an hour and a half for each project. This was time-consuming, and it meant they were relying on outdated data that hindered forecasting accuracy. They could only transfer costs into Procore after the financial close each month in Sage which wouldn’t take place until the middle of the following month. As a result, teams didn’t have access to accurate job costs and profits when they needed it most.

The Solution


Teams reduced the amount of time spent manually entering information into two systems, which in turn reduced errors and tedious administrative work.


With full visibility into current and future job costs, teams had better data to accurately forecast project costs— mitigating risk and boosting profit margins.


With important financial information seamlessly flowing between Sage 100 and Procore, field and project teams ensure data accuracy and consistency.

The Results

By reducing double entry, teams no longer had to manually add direct costs into two systems and then reconcile those costs at the end of every month—saving over 18 hours each year on that task alone. In total, CFO Andy Underhill says the integration saved each accounting team member about 5 hours each week and project teams about 3 hours each week.

With costs syncing between Sage 100 and Procore, accounting and field teams had reliable financial data at all times. Operations Managers could view up-to-date job costs and profits anytime, anywhere, to more accurately predict profit margins and mitigate financial risk. What’s more, teams were no longer relying on outdated or delayed data when billing the owner. As a result, they eliminated the risk of non-billable trailing costs at the end of each month and boosted cash flow.