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Case Study

TWG's Training Center: One-Stop Best Practices 24/7

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The Challenge

TWG housed their Best Methods and other Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on a remote drive. Its spotty VPN login and folder-based filing system made access difficult and slow. TWG needed a training hub where employees in 11 states could process company guidelines whenever necessary—and even brush up on their knowledge of the Procore platform.

The Solution

Training Center smoothly integrates TWG’s in-house Best Methods and SOPs content with Procore’s powerful support tutorials in a cloud-based hub powered by TWG’s brand. TWG’s collaborative new training solution puts training and support documentation in one common "room” with 24/7 access to all.

The Results

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Single-Source SOPs

TWG Training Center is a cloud-based hub where company processes, protocols and Best Methods are accessible wherever you are.

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Field and Office in One Virtual Location

Training Center acts as an interface between TWG’s field and office staff, allowing real-time company-wide communication flow across projects and geographies.

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One-to-One Self-Paced Procore Training

Training Center contains Procore tutorials so TWG employees can stay current with self-guided Procore spot training.

Our team can quickly dive into Training Center to view TWG procedures—how to schedule, how to run a QC inspection. Training Center contains the whole of TWG’s safety manual. It’s a training library anyone can enter and immediately find what they need. 24/7.


Kailey McClimon

Software Implementation Specialist

TWG: Development. Construction. Management.

Can one developer be all things to all clients? It would seem so. Since the company’s founding in 2007, TWG’s three interwoven branches of expertise—development, construction, and management—have taken the company far. TWG has $704 million in completed development and another $530 million in the pipeline. From its origins in Indianapolis, TWG has at this writing branched out to 11 states and shows no signs of slowing down. 

How has TWG’s amazing growth been managed internally?

"Coming from a smaller company and growing into a larger corporation so quickly, internal communications across the organization weren’t always able to keep pace with growth," says Kailey McClimon, Software Implementation Specialist at TWG. "Training Center changed that overnight by opening communications between field and office, standardizing processes across projects, and keeping everyone up to date on company procedures and time-sensitive communications."

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SOP Library in the Cloud

TWG took on the Procore platform to manage and connect its widely dispersed projects, later learning of the Training Center service—which soon became indispensable. 

Training Center is a cloud-based repository containing TWG’s own Best Methods, trainings, and SOPs—alongside the complete range of Procore Support documentation. This customizable knowledge base is a beautifully tailored and functional TWG micro-site that looks and feels and is native to TWG. And it’s packed with the stuff of success. 

"When our first project on Procore was 100% complete, the quality and control inspections allowed a smoother turnover to management. Our punch list for that job was minimal, saving us time and money," Kailey says. "We house the QC tutorials on Training Center, so that is a repeatable success." 

The name Training Center may not be doing the service justice, considering how adaptable it is. Training Center can be whatever a company makes of it. 

"Our team can quickly dive into Training Center to view TWG procedures—how to schedule, how to run a QC inspection. Training Center contains the whole of TWG’s safety manual. It’s a training library anyone can quickly enter and immediately find what they need. 24/7."

Interior of old factory

Training Center: Consolidating Success

When projects are spread across the country, spontaneous communication with the field can be challenging. Luckily, that’s all in the past. 

"The Procore Training Center has helped us consolidate," Kailey explains. "Before Training Center, the TWG field in Washington or Michigan would have to log into our VPN—which didn’t always work. From there, they needed to access our X drive and then navigate through all the folders to find what was needed. 

"Now if we're on site and have a question, we quickly jump onto the Training Center and get an immediate answer. It’s night and day." 

In the middle of a build, ready access to any and every piece of needed info can be critical to the project coming in on time and on budget. 

"Training Center is for companies who want to take that next step in growth. We have the ability go to a job site, record a quick video of a quality control inspection, and use that to train a new hire by saying, ‘Hey, this is what we’re looking for in a QC Inspection. You can find it on the Training Center, alongside the SOP on how to do it.’" Kailey pauses to summarize. "Training Center is TWG’s virtual three-ring binder."

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