Case Study

TEAM Construction Gets Everybody in the Same Collaborative Space

How TEAM Construction Standardized Excellence

The Challenge

TEAM Construction of Las Vegas works in one of the hottest (literally and figuratively), most competitive markets in the country. Proactively addressing every project pain-point with an efficiency-boosting construction technology—TEAM was soon encumbered with an array of separate niche software solutions their workforce struggled to master.

The Solution

Procore Technologies’ cloud-based construction management solution unites the project workforce in a virtual space to which all players have access. This transparent, single source of shared truth features real-time project data, actionable project analytics, and an app marketplace of evolving project solutions.

The Results

“Ultimately what it comes down to is this: Procore has made TEAM Construction’s estimating and operations exponentially more efficient, and efficiency in our market is crucial. Anything we can do to save a minute, a second, an hour—it makes us that much better than the rest.”
Dave Wood
Project Executive
TEAM Construction
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Las Vegas’ TEAM Construction Lives up to its Name

A general contractor based in Las Vegas, Nevada—one of the world’s entertainment capitals and a city of some 635,000 people—TEAM Construction keeps busy. Working in both the public and private sectors, the GC specializes in commercial construction, project delivery management and high-end residential. TEAM Management combines over 60 years of construction experience, their deep knowledge of Las Vegas’ unique construction environment making them a favored go-to in the area. Not that they rest on reputation. “We always want to stay on the cutting edge at TEAM Construction,” says co-owner David Noble in a moment of understatement.

In fact, TEAM Construction has been proactive about leveraging construction tech for the continual betterment of their processes. “We’re always looking at project management software, estimating software, accounting software. We just always want to know what’s out there,” Noble says. “The industry as a whole—and I'm localizing now to Southern Nevada and Las Vegas—was making a transition to Procore. A lot of our clients were starting to pick it up. A lot of our competition was starting to pick it up.”

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The Right Tool for the Job

Noble’s tone betrays a certain over-familiarity with construction’s “technology race,” and the vigilance required to stay ahead of the curve. “I’ve personally been through three or four construction management/accounting software launches in my career,” Noble says. “Starting with CMiC back in early 2000, SAGE products, Master Builder, Raken for our daily reporting and our safety, PlanGrid for document management—it was just a whole slew of things.”

TEAM’s earnest pursuit of technology’s promise was not always embraced by the digitally-burdened rank-and-file. The result was often a TEAM workforce that was anything but, workers deciding to get the job done on terms they could understand—everyone going their own way with no standardization. “It was messy,” Noble says. “Then we started getting introduced to Procore and what it could do. The expansiveness and inclusiveness of the platform, having all these different software solutions in Procore’s one-stop platform—that really created efficiencies for us as an organization. I was excited about that.”

Procore’s platform gathered the tools TEAM Construction needed into one collaborative space accessible to all. One of these tools was Bid Management. Ian McGregor is TEAM’s Senior Precon Manager. “We were using BidMail, and had set up separate tracking to get those proposals in. From an estimating standpoint, Procore allows excellent document tracking, ensuring that estimators and subcontractors see all the documents that we send out, so we can hold them accountable to their number. It definitely allows for a seamless process, covering all the bases that I like to see on the preconstruction and estimating side, going right into project management.”

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Hyperlinks, Dashboards, and Support

Construction is no longer the technology-averse industry it was just a decade ago. Construction and technology are on friendly terms now. Still—when implementing new technology, it’s good to know someone has your back. “The hand-holding Procore does at the beginning of integrating the software is a really good thing to do,” says Craig Bowers, TEAM Construction’s Project Engineer. “When you start to introduce something new, it can be overwhelming. The constant support and follow-up by your team brings a lot of added value.” Project Executive Dave Wood sees Procore’s features and innovations in the context of one overarching goal. “I could talk to you about the schedule integration. I could talk to you about Change Events, Observations, Quality and Safety. Ultimately what it comes down to is this: Procore has made Team Construction estimating and operations exponentially more efficient, and efficiency in our market is crucial. Anything we can do to save a minute, a second, an hour—it makes us that much better than the rest.”

Bowers likes technology’s polite effect on human accountability. “If I click on my dashboard—the filters inside of submittals and RFIs—it will show me where it is, whose hands it's in, and where we are with submittals. The accountability function in Procore, the ball-in-court, is awesome. I’m not having to hunt someone down all the time. Procore takes care of it. Before Procore I was making phone calls to get to the bottom of it. Not any more. I mean, I get a subcontractor that calls me and says, ‘Hey, how can I get these emails to stop?!’ Well, when you answer what you need to answer in Procore, the emails will stop.”

TEAM Construction has always been a powerhouse in the Las Vegas construction scene. Bowers sees this move to the Procore Platform as a clarifying change, a removal of blockers from the collective skills and expertise of TEAM’s people.

“Since we started using Procore, there is a synergy to what they're doing and how they're doing it. Before, we’d gone 10 years where everybody was doing their own thing. So to get everybody on the same platform, working the same way—that's been a huge improvement. It's allowed our organization to go from $20 million, to $40 million, to $100 million a year.”

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