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Case Study

"Reduced our need to hire a 2nd project assistant."

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The Challenge

Straub Construction started looking for a project management solution that would really push the company to the next level. With an in-house storage system, and a pile of papers, Straub needed a better way to organize projects and increase efficiency.

The Solution

With the help of Procore's complete project management platform, Straub has been able to increase visibility and collaboration on every job site.

Procore has reduced our need to hire a second project assistant.

Dan Vandonge

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When Straub implemented Procore, Dan VanDonge, Senior Project Manager, immediately noticed a difference in both the quantity and quality of information that was available. "Because Procore doesn't charge us for each user, our entire team has access and visibility into the project. Anyone can log in from their desktop or mobile device and all the updated information is accessible and user-ready," says Dan.

Dan has seen improvements to many of the team's workflows, but the biggest improvement has been in the time spent accessing information in the field. "Instead of walking back and forth between the job site and the trailer, all the information is available right there on your phone or ipad and that saves a considerable amount of time."

With the help of Procore, Dan and the team at Straub have been able to eliminate multiple solutions, standardizing the way they work and saving them time. "At the end of the project, our superintendents used to recreate a clean as-built set for the owner which, for a sizable project, could take multiple days or even a week. Now, since our as-builts are completed in real-time through the Drawings Tool, it's as simple as downloading the current set and sending that file to the printer." Eliminating the busy-work from their schedules has allowed the Straub team to be more efficient with their time, thus eliminating the need to hire on more help. "Procore has reduced our need to hire a second project assistant. We're able to handle all Straub projects in the pipeline with just one."

Snail Mail is a Thing of the Past

Not only has the time spent organizing and printing drawings decreased, but the turnaround time on submittals has decreased dramatically as well. "On critical submittals, it's now possible to have the submittal workflow take a few days or less. Prior to Procore, we processed seven hard copies of submittals that were sent through standard mail or courier. It could be two to four weeks by the time it went through the entire process." With Procore, all the information is stored electronically, in one location, so finding and responding to critical information is easy. Turnaround time decreases and Straub can be more productive and efficient.

Picture Perfect

Before Procore, keeping a clear photo-record of the job site was almost impossible. "Pre-Procore, it wasn't uncommon for photos to be saved on the superintendent's laptop and never see the light of day," said Dan. "It took too long to download the photos from an offsite location so they would have to sit down at the end of the day, upload their photos from their phones to their computer, and then to the Straub server." Now, using Procore's mobile app, team members are able to easily snap, upload, and share photos using any Internet-connected device, drastically increasing efficiency for the team and creating a more complete record of job site activities.

In addition to sharing photos, Straub is no longer waiting days or weeks for paperwork to be completed before continuing their work. "Subcontracts and change orders are now sent and tracked through Procore. We can now get a signed contract or change order back from the subcontractor within minutes. Procore also logs the date and time documents are sent and to whom; huge benefits when you need to keep a 'paper trail,'" says Dan.

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A Transparent Environment

Straub has found that one central system is vital for project stats and information. "Not only do we enter the Straub punch list, but we've also started entering the architect's punch list so we have a single source for any and all punch list items related to the project. This allows our team to track open items all from one location, resulting in a more thorough and efficient punch closeout process." Keeping each team member informed of the current status of each project has been a game changer for the Straub team.

The most significant area of improvement, says Dan, is the level of communication between the PMs and Supers. "There's no longer a need to email documents back and forth, instead, it's a transparent environment. Everyone has access to all the project information in real time, allowing for better communication throughout the day." More effective communication means the team at Straub has time to focus on their work and worry less about shuffling paper.

A Thriving Company

Dan and the team at Straub have already seen huge improvements from the way the field and office teams communicate, the time spent to turn around a submittal or RFI, to the process of sharing photos and documents. Everyone has the most up-to-date and accurate information at their fingertips, no matter their location. Paper drawings are slowly disappearing and file cabinets are being emptied.

Parker Young, EVP and COO at Straub is looking forward to the company's continued success with Procore. "I believe that companies who embrace the use of technology in an efficient manner are the companies that will thrive in this environment. Procore allows Straub to efficiently embrace technology."

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