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Case Study

"Safety first is a timeworn motto."

Front view of Marshall Cancer Care Center

The Challenge

In an attempt to successfully run their quality and safety programs, Robins & Morton purchased four separate software solutions. However, having four isolated systems that withheld vital information from one another complicated their document retention process. They needed one centralized system to house all of their project information from drawings and punch lists to specs and observations.

The Solution

At the time, there was no single "magic bullet” quality and safety solution on the market that could house everything Robins & Morton needed to support their quality and safety program. By participating in Procore's beta test, Robins & Morton was able to help develop new quality and safety tools to solve that problem.

It's interesting to feel like we're a part of pushing the industry forward, and helping to create a united voice of industry leaders who want to see the positive results of change.

Michael Dare

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Have you ever had an amazing day at work, where everything just seemed effortless?

You pick up your tablet to complete an inspection. And as you go through the motions with such little effort, it's almost as if the software has perfectly predicted your next move. The touch of your hand works faster than your brain can register and before you know it, your task is complete.

Creating a product that gives you the satisfaction of an intuitive experience is no coincidence. It's the result of hard work by companies like Robins & Morton, whom for the past two years has helped to beta test Procore's quality and safety tools.

Thanks to their efforts, Procore works intuitive to how real teams – just like yours – can collaborate more efficiently to save time, money, reputations, and lives.

Angle view of Maine General Medical Center

It Takes More Than Training to Create an Industry-Leading Team

In cultures like Robins & Morton, quality and safety are not just award-winning departments—they are a way of life.

Superintendent Michael Dare says, "You can coach, train, and mentor your employees all you want, but they are ultimately responsible for the execution of safe behavior and quality work." In order to make this a way of life at Robins & Morton jobsites, every task from daily logs to punch lists are performed with an ingrained culture of quality and safety.

So, Procore's research and development teams studied Robins & Morton's culture. They walked R&M jobsites, learned their processes, the reasoning behind those processes, and used that information to help build tools around a culture that can help other companies nationwide.

Now, you'd be hard pressed to find a tool or function in Procore today that Robins & Morton hasn't bettered in one way or another. Here's how their teams now use Procore functions to support their nationally recognized quality and safety programs.

Ensuring Quality with Drawings

While using a combination of PlanGrid, Latista, Sage, and Bluebeam, ensuring drawings and costs were up to date could take up to several weeks. Now with Procore, Michael Dare is able to upload a 400-page revision into Procore and inform all stakeholders of the changes within 30 minutes. This helps him ensure his field teams are always working off of the most up-to-date drawings, while minimizing costly rework.

Michael has a reputation for being able to walk the jobsite with an owner, show them the drawings, exactly what the finished build should look like, and give an exact progress report. Using Procore's hyperlink functionality, he can go one step further and show every single detail from RFIs to revisions that could affect the health of their project.

Stone designed office entrance

Saving Time with Intelligent Specifications

For someone who works well over the typical nine hour work day, managing thousands of specifications is an unproductive waste of time. With intelligent specs, Michael Dare has the ability to jump to the exact information he needs without flipping through a 1,200-page document. It allows him to get more work done each day and potentially get home at a reasonable hour.

Providing Insurance for Emergencies with Daily Log

It is company policy that everyone complete Daily Logs. For Michael, being able to complete Daily Logs on the jobsite ensures that he is able to maintain the integrity of full detail. Instead of going back to the office at the end of the day to fill them out from memory, he can immediately attach photos, call logs, and inspections to enhance the quality of detail that is provided in each entry. Since Robins & Morton jobsites are so safe, they may never need to refer back to these daily logs. But should litigation ever occur, they have the records to prove due diligence.

Even as Procore Continues to Evolve, the Open API Provides Infinite Possibilities

Procore's quality and safety tools will continue to evolve daily with the help of numerous beta testers. In the meantime, Michael Dare utilizes Procore's App Marketplace to seamlessly integrate with other apps that offer solutions not yet offered in Procore.

With an integration like Tableau, Michael can convert spreadsheets into easily manipulatable charts and graphs—making it simple for Robins & Morton to parse through and understand large amounts of data.

Until recently, electronic signatures were not available in Procore. So, Robins & Morton integrated with DocuSign to empower users to sign change orders directly in their project management solution. This has now been successfully added as a function native to the application, and is accessible anytime, anywhere on an Internet-connected device.

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