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NV2A Group

Construction “Startup” Goes Full Procore on Challenging Build

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About NV2A Group

Not your typical construction management company, NV2A Group is a progressive firm delivering superior construction management services for private and public clients in the commercial, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, and infrastructure sectors. Based in South Florida, NV2A is comprised of a local team of experts with extensive regional, national, and international experience executing complex construction projects using various delivery methods that require diverse capabilities and new technology-driven efficiencies. 

Standardization Boosts Efficiency 

An all-in-one platform standardizes processes across all company projects, bringing uniformity to field practices and eliminating time wasted on gaps between processes.

Real-Time Project Data

Cross-team transparency boosts collaborative productivity while reducing missteps. 

Accountability in Data 

Individuals own more project responsibility, tightening operations and lowering overhead. 

"Procore has been evolving from the time we first purchased it until now, and the changes have been significant, allowing us even more capability to continue our growth."

Luis Carbonell
Project Executive, NV2A Group

The Challenge

NV2A’s showcase project presented the tech-savvy construction company with an interestingly complex build. NV2A’s structurally unique Optima Plaza North (The Onyx Tower) project, located in Broward County, will adjoin and connect with an immediately adjacent existing building, which is located in Dade County. The expansion joint between the two buildings spans two county lines, and in the same way serves to join the two different authorities having jurisdiction—creating a blizzard of permitting requirements from both entities. The expansion joints continue down to a basement fully below the South Florida water table, serving as a water stop below ground. Other design challenges facing NV2A on the Optima Plaza North Project include (but are not limited to) extreme elevated cantilevers of 17 plus feet, dual curtain walls, and a complete rain screen cladding for exposed areas. 

Contractors working on a build site

The Solution

Shared Doc Management 

Cloud-based document sharing provided clear tracking and version control of ever-changing schedule -sensitive paperwork 

Integrated Platform 

Digital management tools, reports and communications residing in one platform provided a single source of actionable project truth. 


Cross-project visibility put everyone on the same page, 24/7. “I didn’t know” was no longer an excuse for inaction. 

Contractor on a scissor lift at a construction site

The Story

NV2A Group’s team and portfolio speak to deeply varied construction experience in the growing Florida region. But the Optima Plaza North project’s interface with the existing Aventura Optima building would uniquely test NV2A’s construction management system. Why? Because NV2A’s Optima Plaza North, and the building to which it would structurally connect, were in two different Florida counties; namely Broward and Dade. Project Engineer Austin Garcia succinctly sums up the situation: “The two buildings split the county line.” 

The Project

Procore’s robust and transparent digital document management system helped NV2A stay on top of their Optima Plaza North project’s unusual record-keeping challenges. Ball-in-court auto-messaging, tiered permissions, and a shared document environment tamed and organized the rollercoaster of project paperwork. 

Contractor walking through construction site

The Tech

To hear NV2A Project Executive Luis Carbonell tell it, construction’s pivot to technology is changing the nature of the jobsite. “You start realizing that even our project managers, for example, are savvy about things like operating CAD, and coordinating in 3D. Some of them are even engineers by trade who decided to come into construction. So, for them to be able to have access to those technologically-advanced tools, like Procore, it really helps. This focuses on the versatility of the employee that we’re trying to hire nowadays.” In this increasingly tech-driven construction realm, perfectly accurate information is the achievable goal when well-equipped and organized.