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Case Study

Modern Niagara Achieves Data-Powered Standardization with Procore

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Canadian MEP Contractor Unlocks Cohesion and Visibility with Built-For-Construction Platform

The Challenge

Spread across four time zones and multiple offices in Canada, Modern Niagara needed a way to standardize its operations. The MEP contractor sought a solution to break down data silos, drive transparency and streamline projects across the organization.

The Solution

Modern Niagara looked for software to support and simplify their complex functions—and discovered Procore. At last, the team had a collaborative, built-for-construction solution that allowed them to put their data to work, leveraging important insights across projects and offices.

The Results

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Improved Visibility

Equipped with more precise insights into current documentation, the team can stay up-to-date and provide transparency to leadership and clients.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Modern Niagara now has access to accurate, readily available data to share with pertinent stakeholders and leadership, helping to make better business plans.

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Collaboration and Cohesion

A single source of truth across the organization allows Modern Niagara to standardize business processes, meet client expectations and stay connected across projects and offices.

Procore is providing a pathway for construction companies to move into a digital model, to convert their processes to a digital process that has been adopted by most other industry verticals. It covers a broad enough spectrum of users, from the GCs to the sub trades to the owners, that it allows a space for everyone to work in. It provides consistency, and its ease of use also encourages perhaps non-technical people to adopt a technical process.

headshot of charles davis

Charles Davis

Director of Data & Analytics

“Building for Life”

From its humble beginnings in 1959 as a local plumbing services shop, Modern Niagara has grown to become an award-winning, nationally recognized MEP contractor. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Modern Niagara is committed to “building for life”—bearing in mind the people that will use every structure they help to create. Modern Niagara works with owners, managers and general contractors to provide mechanical, electrical, Integrated Building Technology and building service needs across Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Southwestern Ontario.

With so many services—and all the documentation it comes with—Modern Niagara wanted a solution that could provide connectivity, transparency and allow the team to put their data to work. Now powered by Procore, Modern Niagara has actionable insights that have unlocked several business efficiencies across the organization. Charles Davis, director of data and analytics at Modern Niagara, is thrilled to have a solution that empowers data-driven decision-making.

“Having a single source of truth for our operation is tremendously advantageous,” says Davis. “We cover four time zones in our operations, so trying to keep a consistent approach to our business can be challenging. Having a single system for our operations to work out of allows us to support our teams across the country. We're leveraging a common practice. We have common sources of data. We can introduce different processes that are more easily rolled out. We can aggregate the information that comes back more readily so our senior leadership can have a better overview of how our operation is doing.”

aerial view of jobsite where concrete is about to be poured

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Modern Niagara enjoys the benefits of working out of a single source of truth. Their platform-powered decision-making has resulted in better day-to-day operations across all their offices. “Procore has unlocked several business efficiencies for us, predominantly in our document management, document sharing and with our operations people,” Davis reports.

Procore supplies an avenue for real-time collaboration, making it easier for Modern Niagara to work together to save time and increase output. Managing documentation, RFIs, drawings and more within Procore, Modern Niagara is able to create cohesion across projects. 

“Procore provides an opportunity for people to know that they are working with the most current set of documents, whether it was specifications or drawings,” says Davis. “That was our biggest sell right out of the gate. Subsequent to that, it's also introduced standard processes for things such as RFIs that allow us to be more consistent, to have better traceability in our business processes.”

construction worker using an angel grinder showering the foreground in sparks

Built for Construction, by Construction 

With its complex, multi-trade functions, Modern Niagara needed a platform that could support its unique needs. With Procore, Modern Niagara found a flexible and adaptable solution for their daily operations. Davis appreciates Procore’s “built by and for construction” foundation. 

“Platforms that are not specifically built for the construction sector often are difficult to implement because there are nuances that make it challenging to adopt processes with non-construction specific software,” says Davis.

Solutions like Procore are making a significant difference in daily operations at Modern Niagara. Davis sees the future of construction supported by new and emerging technologies. 

“When I look at construction, there's an appetite to start leveraging tools to do things differently, to help support the people in the industry,” Davis says. “Particularly as we get newer employees coming in, to help their skill set ramp up quicker, to help us be more consistent in what we're doing. To actually start getting into that dark data and turning it into information and insights to help us execute better, to understand where we do well and where we need to lean into to improve our operations.

Inspired by technology that unlocks new insights, Modern Niagara continues to build for life.

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