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Case Study

"One-stop shop for any specialty contractor."

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The Challenge

Before using Procore, Miller Construction used eSUB to manage projects. But because it lacked certain capabilities and wasn’t user-friendly, they also had to use a separate drawings solution, QuickBooks, pen-and-paper processes, and their server. Not only did this create data silos, but it also made real-time communication between the field and office nearly impossible.

The Results

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One Integrated Platform

Procore consolidated all project information in one place, and with the Quickbooks integration, information seamlessly synced between the two systems.

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User-Friendly Interface

With intuitive tools, teams could easily manage items such as change orders and RFIs right from the palm of their hand— whether on or off the jobsite.

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Real-Time Information

Teams could view, update, and share up-to-date drawings and documents—boosting field-to-office communication and reducing rework.

I don’t know what else, at least within my realm of knowledge, you could want out of a system. Procore has everything you need. It truly is a one-stop shop for any masonry contractor—and any subcontractor.

Jacob Miller

VP of Operations/Masonry PM

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Centralized Platform

Instead of using three disparate systems, their own server, and pen-and-paper processes, now Miller Construction has one integrated platform.

Hours Saved

By eliminating tedious administrative work, Procore helped each foreman save up to 7 hours each week.

Unrivaled Customer Support

Getting a question answered went from multiple days to less than five minutes (and an average response time of 30 seconds or less).

The Story

The Move from eSUB To Procore

Prior to using construction software, Miller Construction relied on paper drawings, RFIs, and change orders while also using their server to save documents. Not only did this mean that information was scattered across various systems, but it also made communication between the field and office difficult.

The team knew they needed construction software to operate more efficiently. However, soon after implementing eSUB, they realized it fell far short of what it promised to deliver. VP of Operations/ Masonry PM Jacob Miller recalls, "eSUB was not user-friendly—it was challenging to use and not customizable at all. Their customer support was also not great."

By "not great," Miller explains that a simple customer support request could take days to get answered. In addition, the software didn’t allow them to invoice, track job costs, or access drawings efficiently in the field; in fact, the tool was so poor that they had to get an entirely separate software to manage drawings.

Miller recalls, "None of it was connected at all. There were just so many different moving parts that it was very inefficient and stressful at times. We wanted everything to be in one place."

Already out the cost of the software, Miller decided that after the annual contract ended, they would find another solution. For Miller, the decision on who to switch to was easy.

"Everybody was, and is, using Procore. We really didn’t even look at many options because pretty much all of our customers were using Procore, and it just seemed right. It pretty much had everything we wanted."

One Streamlined Solution

Not only did Procore offer greater functionality than their previous solutions (and had a Quickbooks integration), it also consolidated all tools in one place. Teams had up-to-date drawings and contract values, invoicing ability, streamlined change orders, and more—all within the same integrated platform. With access to real-time information, the team also bridged the communication gap between the field and office—boosting collaboration and reducing rework.

"Prior to using Procore, there was just so much extra time wasted because of the communication barriers of not having information at your fingertips. Before it would be, ‘I need you to swing by the office an hour earlier so we can run through this.’ Now, it’s all at their fingertips on the jobsite. That’s huge."

Not just having readily available information, but also easy-to-use tools, has helped them run jobs more efficiently and boost productivity. With the Forms Tool, teams can fill out a change order, sign it, and save it within minutes on site. This helps prevent change orders—and hard-earned money— from slipping through the cracks.

While Procore helped Miller Construction save hundreds of dollars on paper drawings, it also provided accurate and up-to-date information—which for Miller, is worth more than a dollar amount. "It gives me so much peace of mind knowing I don’t have to check up on things and that everything is in one central location," he says.

He adds, "Before we were using Excel, and it’s easy for formulas to get screwed up. Next thing you know, you’re shooting yourself in the foot because one of your formulas was off and missed something or is wrong. With Procore, I trust there are no mistakes when the numbers are added up. I don’t have to question the financial accuracy."

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More than a Software Solution

While the team has seen operational improvements with the tools themselves, it was also Procore’s unrivaled customer support that made a big impression on Miller. "If I ever need an answer, Procore customer support gets it resolved within five minutes, which is huge. My customers need stuff done right now, so I need Procore to get things done in a timely fashion so I can get things done in a timely fashion. Procore provides that. That’s huge for us," he says.

But having Procore has not only streamlined internal processes; it has also helped bolster the business’s relationship with general contractors. "When general contractors see that we’re using Procore, it gives us credibility," says Miller, explaining that with Procore, they have greater confidence knowing invoices and change orders will be received on time.

He continues, "GCs know we’re going to be an easy company to work with. If you have Procore, you’re probably an efficient and organized company. I think GCs find a lot of value in their subcontractors using Procore."

In doing so, Miller says it has given the business a competitive edge. "If I’m neck and neck with another subcontractor, having Procore gives me the extra edge for the GC to say, ‘Wow, they’re ahead of the game.’"

He adds, "I don’t know what else, at least within my realm of knowledge, you could want out of a system. Procore has everything you need. It truly is a one-stop shop for any masonry contractor—and any subcontractor."

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