Case Study

Procore Creates a One Stop Software Shop for Legacy Mechanical

Cloud-based Software Simplifies Project Management for Mechanical Contractor.

The Challenge

Legacy Mechanical (LMI) has been providing pipefitting, sheet metal, and plumbing services to the Denver area since 2004. Without a cohesive form of communication, field and office resources found it challenging to share key information in a timely manner while keeping track of scheduling and project details. For many superintendents, paper tablets or spreadsheets served as the only way to manage their projects and people.

With a strong focus on team building and digital transformation, LMI sought out a way to improve forecasting, communication, and a better way to share project documents and real-time updates. Always trying to stay ahead of the construction technology curve, LMI knew they needed an all-in-one project and workforce management software.

The Solution

With the goal of a smooth manpower curve in mind and needing a holistic view of their projects, LMI sought out a cutting-edge approach to managing their workforce and jobs while simultaneously improving team-building. For LMI, the answer to their issues was cloud-based construction software, providing a “one-stop shop” for all of LMI’s project and workforce management needs.

For project managers like Casey Corbin, Procore is the single source of truth the field and office teams have been looking for. Pertinent information is no longer kept on a variety of paper or spreadsheet solutions without sharing capabilities. Now, field staff can pull up their tablets and find key project information with the click of a button — making it easy to share documents, drawings, RFIs and more.

The Results

“Procore helps us all work on the same page. We’re all going to one place for drawings, documents, submittals, RFIs, daily reports, and tracking productivity in the field. That's a huge time savings for us.”

Casey Corbin

Project Manager

Cloud-Based Alignment for Success

LMI has seen improvement across the board not only in their data but also in their project and productivity tracking. Fully integrated with Procore as well as LaborChart, LMI is now able to have complete visibility into their full scope of projects and looks forward to the continuing integration between the two construction platforms. From project management and documentation to labor scheduling and everything in between, these cloud-based platforms keep the field and office aligned. Increases in productivity and communication also mean better team morale, so teams are motivated to continue bringing their best work every day. With every team member on the same page, LMI can build better — and faster.

Construction worker on a scissor lift

Meeting Production and Beating Margin Fade

Where project and workforce management is improved, so is production. For LMI, meeting and exceeding production expectations starts with scheduling. Utilizing workforce management software means the field is able to know exactly when they are expected on one job or off to the next. Accurate, up-to-date schedules mean cost savings across the board in the fight against margin fade.

Between Procore and LaborChart, LMI is able to track current manpower and productivity at a moment’s notice, whether in the field or the office. For LMI, this means teams are not stuck in frustrating scheduling meetings or wasting time trying to track production with outdated information. With real time data, Corbin and the rest of his team save time and can focus on what they do best — building Denver.

Seamlessly integrating tools and data in one place.

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