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Case Study

KSC Triples Revenue with Digital Project Management Solution

Exterior of a commercial building built by KSC

The Challenge

KSC is known for its high-quality projects driven by efficiency. But they were still relying on their server to manage projects. As they began to grow, they realized they needed a more streamlined solution to help them scale.

The Solution

With Procore, KSC consolidated all project information into one location that all stakeholders had access to. The team also increased efficiency, helping to continue their growth and boost revenue.

The Results

Procore is easy to use, and having everything in one spot helps a lot. You only have one piece of software.

Jon Bealleau

Jon Belleau

Project Manager

Redeveloping History

On the front page of KSC’s website, in bold letters, it says: "We are redefining building." On another: "Our solutions are outside the norm." This gets to the heart of KSC’s core values; not settling for the status quo and thinking outside the box is what their team does—both on and off the jobsite.

"We’re early adopters on a number of things, and I think that breeds a lot of the culture," says Vice President Ben Smith.Over the years, KSC has become known for its unmatched efficiency while also delivering high-quality projects. "We place a great deal of value on the ease and efficiency of how we process work as well as the quality of the final product," says Ben.

Exterior of a commercial building under construction

Specifically, KSC uses its prefab production facility that has cut installation time by 50% on a project. Ben explains, "We’re doing things that only a few—if any—companies are doing, such as connecting certain processes on the fabrication side and manufacturing side. With scanning, we’re using it to the fullest extent. I don’t know anyone else that’s using it like we do."

It was only natural then for the team to take a look at their processes and consider how, and where, they could improve. Ben explains that before using Procore, KSC used "a lot of server-based organization that was messy and wasn’t centralized." Realizing they needed a construction management solution, the team turned to Procore.

"It seemed like that’s what everyone was, and is, using," says Ben. "There were a couple of early adopters that implemented it, and then we knew the industry as a whole was starting to jump on board with it. We wanted to make sure we were with it."

Exterior of a commercial building at night

As soon as Procore was implemented, KSC began using it for all internal documentation, tracking, and communication. The tools were easy to use, and employees had everything they needed in one location. Plus, with Procore’s unlimited user license model, they were also able to easily communicate with external stakeholders such as with the general contractor, architects, and engineers.

In addition to streamlining processes, the decision to implement Procore was also due to the fact the company was rapidly growing, and they needed a system that could help standardize processes. Ben notes, "If you’re trying to scale, document infrastructure and workflow is a key component."

Not only did KSC see significant efficiency gains (even more than they already had) and saved hours each week, but they also began winning more business. KSC continued to grow, eventually tripling their revenue.

In true KSC spirit, Ben says the team remains committed to differentiating themselves through the way they run their projects. It’s become a hallmark of their business and their success.

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