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Case Study

Jeff King & Company Uses Procore to Provide High Levels of Customer Service on Their Complex Projects

Photography of a home's kitchen and dining area with a view of a lake

Jeff King & Company Brings Art and Technology to Homebuilding

The Challenge

Jeff King & Company needed a digital construction management system that suited the custom homebuilder’s project complexity, customization, and sophisticated level of client care.

The Solution

Procore’s cloud-based platform fits Jeff King & Company’s project complexity and standard of client care, providing both the builder and homeowner a single point of entry for viewing all aspects of the evolving project.

The Results

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Collaborative Transparency

Developers and field teams track progress in real time.

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Doing More with Fewer Resources

Even as COVID reduced in-person meetings, efficiencies gained allowed Jeff King & Company to stay productive.

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Single Point of Entry

All project information is aggregated––from photos to RFIs to submittals––into one easy-to-access virtual space.

Procore has just kicked everything up a notch, or two—in terms of the level of sophistication, the organization of project information, the simple interface of that information, and the accessibility of that information for multiple parties. And I know for a fact that Procore is one of those differentiators that our clients appreciate about our company.

Jeff King

Founder & President

Procore: a Differentiator for Custom Homebuilder Jeff King & Company

“Procore resonates with our clients,” Jeff King says. “Procore has just kicked everything up a notch, or two—in terms of the level of sophistication, the organization of project information, the simple interface of that information, and the accessibility of that information for multiple parties. And I know for a fact that Procore is one of those differentiators that our clients appreciate about our company.”

Jeff King & Company is a San Francisco-based home builder and has been building award-winning homes throughout the Bay Area for more than 20 years. The company’s President and Founder, Jeff King, utilizes his own foundations as a fine artist to inform the detail and sophistication of every home his firm builds for their unique—and uniquely involved—roster of clients.

As Jeff King & Company’s custom homes grew in complexity, the builder realized they needed a project management solution that could accommodate and grow with that complexity. The ideal solution would standardize processes and communications in the field while providing real-time project transparency to  the homeowner, the design team, and builder. They had briefly worked with a solution called Buildertrend. “That system just did not have the level of sophistication that we needed,” says King. In his opinion, “it standardized things in a way that didn't match the complexity of what we needed for our clients and our projects. And in that standardization, it just didn't feel like we could manipulate those elements to fit what we needed for a more sophisticated process.”

Photography of a 3 story house's entrance

When Jeff King & Company switched to Procore, they saw a partner whose focus on clarity of detail matched their own in the cloud-based construction management software. And despite the vastness of the Procore platform’s capabilities, implementing the system was not difficult.

“The training modules are very good, and I think that's a strong point of Procore. Whether your question is covered in the module or not, you can always chat with somebody, so they can walk you through that process,” says Project Manager Conor McDonald. Once Jeff King & Company had Procore up and running, they witnessed an immediate efficiency boost in standardizing processes.

“With our previous solution, even though we’d send out standardized items, they’d end up getting manipulated by the individual project manager or other team member in some way,” says McDonald. “Procore has done a good job of standardizing the look of everything we send out,” King agrees, “and of making everything consistent from project to project. Procore has a level of sophistication and expansiveness that we can grow into.”

Procore brought something else to the company’s strategic arsenal, as McDonald and King explained. “I was thinking back to a managers' meeting,” McDonald says. “We were talking about using Procore, and something that came up was ‘dress for the job that you want’ in terms of what we present to our clients.” King remembers the meeting. “Dress for the job you want. That's very much the way I thought of Procore. Look, if I can walk into a sales meeting and sell our sophistication because of Procore and have people work with us more readily because of that extra layer of Procore, that's the value add.”

Photography of a bathroom's hallway leading to the bath tub

Photo by Cesar Rubio

Configurable Dashboards: A Tool for Both Builder and Owner

Procore’s customizable dashboards give the most complex project true clarity derived from project data itself. This total visibility creates efficiencies that allow Jeff King & Company to do more with less.

The Jeff King & Company client is as concerned with project detail as is the builder. Procore’s complete, real-time transparency allows everyone to have  eyes on the project, which provides a level of satisfaction knowing that things are going to plan. In this way, Procore’s window into the evolving project informs the field as well as  the design team and the homeowner. In the sales conversation, the company’s president isn’t hesitant to leverage Procore’s clarity of process, nor its sophistication.

“Sophistication” could be described as intangible in any other setting. When King uses the word in this business context, it has substance.

“I sell Procore when I go out and meet with my clients. I sell the concept of the project management platform being highly sophisticated, that it acts as a dashboard for each of our projects. Clients have one place they can go to see all aspects of their project, from photo documentation to the most recent plan sets, to more granular things such as meeting agendas and meeting minutes; as well as  RFIs, submittals, change orders, and even the punch lists items if they so desire. Procore acts as a really beautiful, clarifying, and actionable dashboard.”

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