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Case Study

Driving Safety with One Eye on the Dashboard

Employees collaborating at a table

The Challenge

Hoar Construction’s membership in the American Contractors Insurance Group LTD (ACIG) puts workplace safety front and center, but the standard practice of collecting information and data in the field with a ball-point pen and "safety form” was laborious, timeconsuming, and scattered.

The Solution

From preconstruction to closeout, Procore’s cloud-based platform collates automatically gathered data and presents it in a clear, colorful, and actionable dashboard. Compliance and non-compliance items appear with crystal clarity, and where dangerous trends become evident over time, safety gaps are obvious and addressable.

The Results

Dashboard Icon
Crystal Clear Dashboards

Show in real-time how the project is succeeding from a safety standpoint.

Mobile devices Icon
Cloud-Based Safety Data

Available for easy viewing 24/7 by project executives—boosting onsite accountability.

Charts Icon
Detailed Reporting

Shows near-miss trends across the project, turning reports into safety action items.

Cost is always a factor—but when you look at the value Procore adds it’s easy to say we made the right decision.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

VP Technology Division

Hoar: Safety is Non-Negotiable

At 5 years old, Hoar VP Paul Walker was wearing a strapped-on hard hat, helping his dad hang sheetrock. "Probably not legal, but hey— that’s how I broke into the construction world!" When (much later) Paul went to school for engineering, he found he couldn’t escape construction’s gravitational pull. When construction technology came along, it just added to the allure of the profession, drawing Walker away from engineering and straight to the object of that discipline— construction itself. Construction tech also spoke to one of Walker’s professional and personal concerns; jobsite safety. "Technology has allowed us to monitor and predict—to see where potential safety problem areas may arise with different teams," he says today. "Before—in the analog world—you just didn’t have that visibility."

Contractors collaborating over Procore on a tablet

Pencil and Paper and Slow-Moving Protections

Hoar’s Construction Technology Manager Lauren Wells concurs. "Before, our safety culture was people checking boxes," she says. "And we had a lot of paper. Those safety processes took a lot of time. With Procore, it’s easy. The dashboards help hold the users accountable. Executives all the way to the top are able to look in on the project in real time and see how our safety culture is being reflected. It’s live information." The gathered real-time information can even be analyzed to help Hoar build tomorrow’s practices on the shoulders of today’s carefully considered project data, bringing solid intel to the firm’s safety initiatives.

Workers autographing a sign

Hoar Construction Wants to See You Safely Home

Procore takes all this very seriously, too, but the chemistry is more conversational than corporate. "The relationship with our CSM (Customer Support Manager) is different than with any other software that we’ve experienced," Tech Manager Lauren Wells says. "It truly is a partnership. If there are any issues we can go to our CSM and they’re addressed." And Procore is proactive in gently rolling out and explaining updates to the platform. "It’s not just Procore pushing out new buttons," Wells continues. "It’s never, ‘Here’s the next feature!’ Not at all. There’s actually value and conversations around that stuff." Hoar Construction is deeply serious about safety. How many construction outfits use language like this when discussing safety culture? "Let’s put our moral convictions into practice." Lauren Wells can vouch for the company’s genuine dedication to safety. "You know, we have a culture at Hoar," she says. "‘Your family expects you home safely, and so do we.’ Hoar is an extension of family. From the top-level down, safety is all they talk about."

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