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Case Study

Early RFI Predicts and Defeats Rework Before it Happens

Procore BIM Screenshot

The Challenge

Haselden’s clash management process was time-consuming and imprecise. They wanted a system that could more directly connect the general contractor and individual trade partner in positively identifying and eliminating rework before it happened. Limited mobility in the field made utilizing the coordinated model a laborious process, resulting in poor adoption.

The Solution

Now, VDC and field teams are connected in a single platform that joins the virtual with the actual—a long-awaited collaboration that anticipates—and addresses— clashes and rework before they occur. Procore’s Models and Coordination Issues tools comprise a single solution that lowers project risk, confirms constructability, and steers around the missteps that breed rework.

The Results

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Field teams proactively view models on mobile devices from the jobsite for quicker decision making.

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Improved Communication

Centralized communications ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

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Transparency of assignment, follow-up, and status build accountability into the clash management process.

It’s probably the most potent solution between the BIM world and the construction site that I’ve ever seen. Just the ability to go from a 3D model to a coordination issue to an RFI on an iPad— that’s really good.

Bowen Call

Vdc Specialist

Coordination Perfection

Haselden had embraced construction’s digital productivity revolution but was still in the process of dialing in some of the design coordination particulars. "Basically, what we were doing prior to Procore’s Coordination Issues tool was a lot of Navisworks Viewpoints—putting notes within the title of the viewpoints themselves and then distributing the NWD file for the specialty trades to review, or sending screenshots through emails." What was needed was something that could directly connect the general contractor and the trade partner, or a trade partner to another specialty trade—communication with the immediacy of email, the simplicity of a button-push, and the accountability of a tagged ‘to-do’.

"We were trying to get a more collaborative approach between the coordination team here at Haselden and our trade partners. We wanted a centralized place where we could make sure we were covering all our bases; where we could make sure that things were being properly assigned, followed up on, and given a complete-by date." Haselden’s Director of Business Integration, Kim Hagger, jumps in. "The Coordination Issues tool has improved our tracking capability. We’re able to track things a lot more efficiently and effectively now."

Procore BIM Screenshot

Modeling—then Actualizing—Increased Productivity

The mobility of Procore’s Models tool—combined with the simple and intuitive user interface—is the perfect storm of adoption and quick time-to-value. "We’ve gotten really good feedback on the Models tool within the Procore app. It’s easy," Bowen says. "So easy that things that weren’t necessarily caught during coordination are being picked up by field personnel." Accessibility of the coordinated model in the field adds certainty and speed to resolutions. Kim Hagger explains. "Procore’s Models tool gives you that real-time look. If you’re having an issue in the moment during construction, you’ve got that model up and live right there onsite for comparison. Whereas if you’re viewing the model in the office, you have to walk out to verify what you remember seeing in the model."

Procore BIM Screenshot

Proving the Value of Technology

Execs and leadership don’t care about shiny new tech. They’re numbers people. Kim explains how Procore’s Models and Coordination Issues tools drive business decisions. "They can see that tangible number in front of them...these VDC guys probably saved us $100,000 on a project because we didn’t have to do all this rework—which means we didn’t have to reorder materials, we didn’t have to respend man-hours, and we didn’t have to extend our schedule.’ Kim smiles. "That’s huge." It turns out Bowen is a numbers guy, too.

"One of the big payoffs for me is the Coordination Issues tool and having a counter on it and being able to say, ‘We found 103 coordination issues on this project and 35 of them became RFIs.’ And then to be able to say, ‘You know what? I helped find 35 RFIs before the project started.’ For me, that’s rewarding."

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