Case Study

Keeping owners in the loop keeps them happy.

The Challenge

Wasted time, scattered data, and lost information. These are just a few of the issues The Hagerman Group faced when trying to juggle five different software solutions to manage their projects.

The Hagerman Group was using Sage for accounting, PlanGrid for drawing management, Oracle for project management, iAuditor for quality control and safety inspections, and Sync Tool for cloud storage. Jay Bangert, Project Executive at The Hagerman Group, often found himself spending more time puzzling together these various single point solutions than managing his projects.

“That is five different solutions we were managing and paying for—none of which talked to each other. All of our important project data was siloed,“ says Jay.

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"None of Our Systems Talked to Each Other"

For Jay, success hinges on organization and communication. But working with five different software solutions just to complete one project made sharing information between systems tedious and complicated their workflows unnecessarily.

To create a more efficient workflow, Jay needed to replace this costly collection of applications with one solution that could house everything needed to successfully manage a project from start to finish. They needed software that could offer project owners visibility into the health of their investments, provide a high-level overview to company executives, and give field teams the right tools to manage a project without having to manually pull information from five separate systems.

After a year of researching, The Hagerman Group chose Procore to partner on their projects.

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Keeping Owners in the Loop Keeps Them Happy

Jay's relationship with project owners depends on his ability to provide transparency into the health of their projects. Instead of receiving updates by phone or email, owners and stakeholders have access to everything they need with one login.

Jay states, “Just by my subcontractors completing their daily logs, my owners have access to updated information about what happened on the jobsite that day. With all that information stored in one, easy-to-view location, everyone has a high-level overview of the jobsite. They feel more in control, knowing exactly how I am keeping our subcontractors productive with their time and can better decide who to work with in the future.“

Prior to using the connector, the accounting team was also doubling up on the amount of information they needed to enter. Therefore, doubling the time it took to complete one task. Jay and the Hagerman team are now confident that the financial information pulled into Procore is accurate because it is synced directly from Sage—there is no additional need to edit or alter information along the way.

A Preventative Approach to Risk Management

An effective project executive should have tools that allow him or her to proactively mitigate risk on the jobsite each day. Having a project dashboard with a visual representation of at-risk tasks allows Jay to help steer his teams in the right direction.

If an RFI or submittal is outstanding, he is able to course correct, adjust budgets and schedules accordingly, and keep workflows moving forward.

“My team and I have 100 per cent of the project information in our hands at all times—no matter where we're located. I can visit a jobsite, look at the project dashboard, and start asking my team about tasks that are at risk. It's also easy to quickly review what submittals and RFIs are outstanding, take a look at quality and safety items, and document my weekly walkthroughs,“ said Jay.

With Procore, Jay no longer has to worry about passing out papers and making sure photos have been downloaded to an internal server. Instead, he can focus on the progress of buildings and make sure team members are leveraging Procore's power.

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