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Founded in 1986, FSG is a full-service electrical subcontractor with locations in multiple states. The company provides commercial electrical construction, lighting retrofits, and data cable installation.

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FSG wanted to adopt standardized methods for handling documents across several company branches. They needed an inventory tracking system to ensure they were not accidentally releasing products before they were approved.

Deon, Director of Construction Development, supports all of the technology solutions that FSG adopts throughout their various construction departments. According to Deon, FSG has chosen Procore primarily because of its breadth of features and user-friendliness.

The company investigated several applications to manage documents used at the jobsite. They came to the conclusion that no other software matched Procore's feature set. "I began interviewing four or five different companies," said Deon. "But I kept asking myself if I was going to continue looking, because Procore seemed to do everything that we needed.

"I'll tell you something pretty cool that happened when I was dealing with one of our construction managers and division managers," Deon beamed. "We opened up one job and let them start using Procore. As we were going through that process, I was staying in touch with them asking how it was working. Our construction manager said, ‘Deon, listen, if FSG chooses not to go with Procore, we're going to go with Procore as a branch.' That was a huge deciding factor for me as we were evaluating the package. I could just see their excitement. They had used a few other packages and struggled with them. They were excited to have Procore."

"With its ease of use, Procore became our go-to solution. It was something we felt like we could deploy to the variety of personnel we have."


Flexibility and Ease-of-Use

FSG appreciates Procore's uniform user interface. "It has a very robust document management solution. It is consistent from tool to tool and understands that FSG has twenty branches from coast to coast." Over 100 project managers and supporting staff with different technological backgrounds were all able to use Procore with minimal training. "Procore, with its ease of use, has definitely become our go-to solution," said Deon. "It was something we felt like we could deploy to the variety of personnel we have."

Because of how widespread FSG is geographically, they preferred to implement a cloud-based project management system. That meant they wouldn't need IT on the ground, setting up servers and install-based software in each location. Instead, with Procore, documents added to Procore are made instantly available to field staff on jobsites nationwide. Additionally, Procore's flexible permissions and user privileges allow FSG to grant access on a job-by-job basis. Procore's permission templates remove the need to manually set access levels for each individual user.

"Most feedback from our management staff, project managers, and superintendents regards Procore's ease of use," Deon said. "We're able to streamline all the information and track the activities going on."

FSG's project managers, superintendents, and foremen all use Procore for iPad and Android out in the field. They find themselves using the Submittals, Punch List, RFI, Photos, Drawing, and Meeting Minutes Tools. "I love the Meeting Minutes Tool," said Deon.

FSG thinks the investment in Procore has resulted in consistent, standardized practices across all of the company's branches. Prior to adopting Procore, each branch handled document management differently. "Consistency was a real struggle for us," said Deon. "With Procore, it's no longer the case. Those other items that you would almost call intangible are very tangible to us. Again, Procore is a win-win for us on all fronts."

Standardization has also resulted in a reduction of errors. "Keeping files updated and making sure that our guys are working on the most recent, up-to-date information has been a huge win for us by reducing unnecessary costs."

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Easy Implementation

"We did a controlled implementation on a branch-by-branch basis and pulled the personnel into a meeting. In a matter of two hours, we were able to teach employees the core functionality of Procore," Deon said. "I was expecting quite a few phone calls and back-to-back meetings when the training session was over, but I have had little to no pushback and have heard very few questions or problems that people encountered once they were trained."

The company's CEO asked Deon if they needed to bring on additional support personnel to assist Procore with implementing and training employees. Deon recommended waiting to see how the different branches responded to the new software. Lo and behold, over the last year Deon has had less than ten requests for a meeting from people having difficulty implementing or using Procore. That means 60 to 80 project managers and their support staff—well over 200 people—are currently using Procore with very few issues.

Deon expressed that Procore was well-received, even by employees who were not so technologically advanced. "I refer to those of us who have been in the trade for 30 plus years—the group where you typically see the most resistance. The Dallas manager who runs our hospital group and a project executive at our Houston branch said to me a month after we deployed, ‘You know, when you first came in, I thought to myself, here we go again, another one of these packages.' He had had bad experiences with past document management platforms. Later, he told me he was surprised because Procore worked. He said it was easy to use and easy to get his people on board with it; they could actually pick it up and start using it immediately."