Case Study

"We're not using Dropbox, we're using Procore."

The Challenge

After a company re-branding in early 2015, Frampton Construction started looking for a construction management system that would eliminate multiple point solutions and create consistency among internal and external team members. With Frampton continuing to grow, the leadership team wanted a system with a short learning curve for new personnel as well as current team members, including internal management, the design team, and subcontractors. Frampton Construction wanted to grow as a team, rather than an individual entity. Keaton Green, Director at Frampton Construction, started the search for a new system that would bring the whole team—field, office, and subcontractors—together.

The Solution

Frampton Construction implemented Procore following the company re-branding and has found the time savings and organization within the platform to be exponential. The company has been able to onboard team members in record time and take on more projects than ever before.

“Procore is always working to better the software, therefore making our company stronger”

Keaton Green

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We're Only Human

Prior to Procore, Keaton recalls many times when human error and inconsistency caused delays in the project timeline and unnecessary cost impacts.

"Although we stored project templates, our entire project management system was done in Word and Excel, which made it difficult to ensure each document was the current version and formulas weren't altered," says Keaton. "We put a lot of trust in our management team, but human error was always a concern. One small formula error could have huge ramifications to the project and to the company. Now, Procore maintains our budgets, change orders, subcontracts, RFIs, submittals... The list goes on and on. We have a better understanding of any potential exposures which creates stronger projects and a stronger company."

Custom Tools

Keaton and the team at Frampton have worked closely with the Procore support team to set up custom tools and workflows. Keaton notes, "I think the single biggest benefit of working with Procore is the ability to customize the software and cater to our company's specific needs. Really, the sky's the limit!" Custom tools have helped standardize the building process from start to finish, and allow the company to work more efficiently.

"We now have the ability to do anything we want to do. Procore isn't an out-of-box solution like some of the other construction management software companies. Although Procore provides guidance and a baseline for its tools, it is able to modify components and individualize the software to accommodate your company needs."

Frampton emphasizes the requirement to use Procore on each project not only internally, but externally as well. Architects, engineers, subcontractors, and outside vendors are all required to use Procore. Frampton also hosts kickoff meetings to introduce the software and provide training to new users.

"It's all about how you communicate expectations to the entire project team. With the help of Procore's Support Team, we provide the necessary training. Nobody likes change, but when you prove the system will create a more efficient workflow, it's a win for everyone," says Keaton.

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Frampton Stays on Top of Their Game

Prior to Procore, the team worked off a Microsoft tool suite that worked well as a storage system, but did not allow for tracking and implementing standard practices. Now, everything is tracked in Procore, allowing Frampton to identify issues before they occur.

Keaton notes, "We're printing custom reports that identify outstanding issues per subcontractor, allowing us to stay on top of any issues that may crop up. On one project, we literally have zero overdue RFIs, and our submittals are ahead of the project schedule. One of my favorite sayings is, ‘You can't manage what you can't measure.' Procore has allowed Frampton to provide real time, in-depth analysis to our project teams, which we can then manage accordingly. It's a game-changer."

Procore has provided Frampton with the consistency they need to keep their projects on track. "Our teams know what to expect now—projects are built as Frampton projects and each project is managed with the same process. From subcontracts to purchase orders to change orders, all of our forms are now standardized," says Keaton. "At Frampton, we're proud of our partnership with Procore and look forward to the future as we build together."

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