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For the past 22 years, EYA has specialized in redeveloping homes in urban areas of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The company completes the full lifecycle of designing, building, and selling townhomes and multi-family units.

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Focusing on the stability of the company, EYA needed to improve their overall project management efficiency without having to hire a significant number of new employees.

"When I first started working in software development and technology ten years ago, there was a very big focus on adding additional layers of management in order to improve technology," says Pete Zafros, EYA's Director of Technology. "That has kind of turned on its head. Now, technology is the driver of better management practices, with Procore being a frontrunner in the industry."

Pete says that they adopted Procore to focus on stability rather than on growth. "We're trying to maintain our size—not intending to double the amount we produce. We're focused on working more efficiently while continually improving our quality. EYA is known for its quality, and Procore is helping us stay ahead of our competitors in that regard."

Knowing that they have Procore on their side makes Pete and the EYA team confident in the future of their company. "We want to make sure that if another financial crisis hits or the real estate market plummets, we'll continue to be stable and push through even stronger than we did in 2008. That involves being more efficient and effective than ever, and, with Procore, that is the reality."

  • "Procore has transformed our entire project management practice and improved the quality of our product, the quality of our work environment, the happiness and experience of our team, and ultimately the impact of our brand."

    Pete Zafros

Leveraging Technology to Improve Communication

Pete says that Procore quickly breaks down the complicated pieces of data in his jobs, and presents them to the end user in a digestible format. "The projects, initiatives, and technology that we had been using using before were too complicated; they had too many systems and too much information for a single person to manage. Procore has been able to step in and change that."

Pete credits Procore for helping improve communication across his team. "Procore has improved communication to the extent that there are fewer mistakes. We're not eliminating communication, we're improving communication. That's reducing tensions between our company and our subcontractors, as well as the internal gap between our own departments. Most importantly, though, it's reducing errors and saving us time and money."

Luxury apartments built by EYA

Logical, Flexible Workflow

Pete says that what separates Procore from its competitors is the unrivaled cohesion of its suite of tools. "The ability to interconnect all those tools in a way that's both intuitive and user-friendly is what will really take EYA and Procore to a different level."

The two features that EYA finds most valuable are the Drawings Tool and Commitments Tool. Pete appreciates how other functions fit seamlessly within the tools—RFIs and punch lists can easily be accessed from inside the Drawings Tool, and the bidding and budgeting process can live within the Commitments Tool.

Procore is set up in a way that matches the organic building process, says Pete. It is flexible enough to adapt to EYA's natural workflow. "No longer is enterprise software trying to force the standardization of expensive and overly-detailed protocols. Procore configures to our needs and our way of working, not the other way around."

By emphasizing Procore's flexible tools, EYA's construction team has been instrumental in driving the entire company to adopt the new technology. Employees in the field are especially taken with the mobile capabilities of Procore and use Procore for iPad on a daily basis.

"Procore matches the mobility of those construction managers who are always moving around,” says Pete. “The mobile app's interface is easily adaptable, even for those on my team who aren't the most technologically savvy. Procore's mobile functionality has essentially leveled the playing field and made the transition for all of our users much quicker than expected."

Sideview of luxury apartments built by EYA

Responsiveness to Feedback

If EYA has any questions or concerns, or a certain goal they are trying to achieve, they know they can simply contact their account manager or support at Procore. EYA has had extensive discussions with the Procore team and made recommendations about different aspects of the system's functionality.

"We've been able to communicate ideas that would help not just us, but all Procore customers, and the construction industry as a whole, and before long, those ideas are implemented."

Measurable Results

EYA uses increased productivity and improved quality as metrics to assess the success of software implementations. According to Pete, these metrics have improved demonstrably since adopting Procore. Submittals arrive faster, with more detailed tracking, and the response time for RFIs has gone up.

"If a drawing has been edited or there's a product revision, our subs get that information instantly now, which positively impacts all other components of project management like contracts, commitments, and budgets—it has upped the ante."

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