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Case Study

Duke Energy Finds the One Construction Platform that Centralizes Real-Time Project Data

Aerial pipe line entering a factory

Real-time data capture drives better on-site engagement for more strategic building

The Challenge

Duke Energy started working on the Central Corridor Gas Pipeline, a high-pressure gas distribution pipeline located approximately 10 miles north of downtown Cincinnati, in 2021. Construction involved multiple crews working on different stages of the pipeline across multiple locations. While Procore was vital for meeting most inspection requirements, Duke needed an efficient way for inspection teams to validate the field activities across the pipeline at each stage, capture critical data, and provide it to their management team in the proper format.

The Solution

GoFormz was brought in to see how their smart forms could meet Duke’s unique requirements. With GoFormz, teams are able to use flexible and customizable digital forms on mobile devices so they can automatically update Procore with form data, capture information both online and offline, route completed forms as PDFs to Procore or create more advanced automated workflows. In addition, users can easily dispatch forms pre-populated with Procore data to teams in the field and leverage real-time data to garner operational insights.

Duke Energy utilized GoFormz’s workflow engine to capture field data and pass it back to Procore for centralized reporting and storage. GoFormz workflows pushed approved data back into Procore's Inspections Tool, as well as a number of Power BI dashboards. All of this helped with quality control and organization.

The Results

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Customer support at every turn

Procore’s strategic partners were there every step of the way to ensure seamless implementation and adoption.

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Best in class integrations

Duke worked with The Rollout Crew to convert 20 custom daily inspection reports into GoFormz templates which push data to and from Procore’s Inspections Tools and PowerBI.

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Complex horizontal heavy civil jobs

The Central Corridor Pipeline project contains six to nine crews working across 13 miles of pipeline. Duke’s inspection team used Procore to validate field activities and monitor quality and environmental requirements.

Procore’s ability to integrate with key third party App Marketplace solutions like GoFormz allows us to efficiently capture more accurate information from the field, giving us near real-time insight into construction progress.

James Olberding

Sr. Project Manager

Simplifying inspections at the jobsite

Because of their remit, Duke Energy had to ensure that none of the new processes would complicate the current system. By managing and modifying current processes, inspectors were able to utilize the forms they were already familiar with, and thanks to GoFormz, the forms could auto-populate with crew-specific activities to prompt relevant input. This allowed for easy data entry into their iPads at the jobsite. The forms could also auto-format start/stop stations and automatically calculate the distance covered regardless of the direction the crew was working. All of these seemingly small data points added up to more control over the project everywhere.

With GoFormz, Duke was able to not only improve how their teams were communicating but keep all of their data in a central location where it could be accessed as needed.

“There's a quality control checklist that must be completed at the bottom of each form as well as relevant documentation photographs. Once the report is completed in the field, it proceeds through a standardized approval workflow. Upon approval from the inspector's supervisor, the form and the data are pushed to Procore and the form is automatically converted to a PDF,” says Olberding.

This kind of business logic control is integral to Duke’s reporting and management requirements—and GoFormz turned these steps into easy-to-use forms and checkboxes.

Harnessing data to track progress

Duke was able to use Procore and GoFormz to process and analyze field data in unprecedented ways.

“Once the data is uploaded into Procore and SQL, the relevant data is pulled into Power BI, which creates progress mapping and dashboard analytics. The color-coding of activities assists with easy review of the type of construction progress along the pipeline.”

The dashboard shows the construction progress map, station history and daily progress. The pipe installation page provided details of pipe installation by station and production rates by week or month.

“This allows the Duke team to measure percent complete and earned value to assist with pay application generation, review, and approval. All this is visible via Procore Analytics,” says Olberding.

“The Central Corridor project team has acknowledged the following benefits: efficiencies gained in data capture, allowing field inspectors to be engaged with construction activities in lieu of manual completion of forms, confidence in the accuracy of field data collected allowing for timely review and approval of contractor pay applications, and access to near real-time progress provides accurate construction updates.”

Duke has been able to make its projects more efficient and track the progress its teams are making, which is helpful for staying on budget and completing tasks on time. Duke has completed over 65% of the central corridor pipeline with its improved team management systems.

Seamlessly integrating tools and data in one place.

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