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Case Study

DCO Commercial Floors Nearly Doubles Growth with Procore

Interior space showcasing the unique flooring

The Challenge

DCO Commercial Floors was growing rapidly and needed to streamline its tech stack in order to successfully scale the business. Plus, the team wanted a solution that offered robust mobile capabilities, enabling seamless field-to-office communication.

The Solution

Procore offered a single platform for all project information. Plus, with an unlimited user license and powerful mobile capabilities, all collaborators could communicate in real time from anywhere—saving time and money. This also allowed them to easily scale as their team continued to grow.

The Results

Money Icon
1.7x growth, from a $35M company to a $60M company, since implementing Procore

Time saved 2 Icon
1/2 the time to complete critical tasks

Mobile devices Icon
3x increase in active users over a 6-month period, with 83% of active users on mobile

Procore is so user friendly. Teams know that Procore is going to make their job a lot easier—they’re going to be able to communicate better and do more. That makes our field team want to adopt Procore.


Jessica Harrison

Employee Development Manager

The Story

Prior to implementing Procore, DCO Commercial Floors relied on manual processes such as email, paper drawings, spreadsheets, and shared drives. Not only did this approach silo information, but without mobile functionality, on-site teams didn’t have access to real-time information—increasing the risk of outdated drawings. 

What’s more, in 2014 DCO Commercial Floors’ team was beginning to experience rapid growth, and they knew they needed to streamline their construction management process to properly scale the business. Director of Business Development Luke Canup explains, "We were about a $35-million company when we implemented Procore, and now we're a $60-million company. We went from 50 employees to 100 employees. We saw that growth coming, and we knew that we needed to make a change," he recalls. "Procore had everything we needed."

The team liked that Procore offered a single platform, as opposed to disconnected point solutions, and connected all tools in one solution. Procore also easily integrated with third-party applications. Best of all, it was built for both field and office teams to ensure maximum communication in real time—regardless of employees’ location.

Bright interior space showcasing flooring

"Procore is unparalleled, especially when it comes to field tools," says Employee Development Manager, Jessica Harrison. "The way we can communicate with markups on drawings is great—our field teams have access to everything."

She continues, "When our project managers are notified that we have plan changes or they've decided they want different flooring in one room, they can easily be relayed to the field simply by uploading the plan to the Drawings Tool. It changes on our site supers' iPad—there's nothing else that has to be done."

Jessica notes that because of this, the field team is able to focus on the most important tasks. "Procore relieves our site supers of a lot of the daily administrative tasks. Instead, they can look ahead and say, ‘We may be short on this in the future, or ‘This could be a potential problem coming up. Let's get ahead of it.'" She notes that this has saved the team hours. As both a former project manager and estimator, she says, "Without Procore, it would take me double the time."

Interior space with eclectic styling centered around great flooring

Consolidating to one streamlined solution not only saved time, but it also made training employees much easier. Over the course of a six month period, DCO Commercial Floors hired 40 people. Within that timeframe, their active users on Procore grew by more than three times—83% of whom were on mobile. Today, DCO Commercial Floors remains one of the fastest-growing flooring companies in the country. Not only has Procore’s user-friendly mobile capabilities helped promote high field adoption, but with Procore’s unlimited user license model, it’s easier than ever to ensure everyone has the information they need when they need it.

"We've never incentivized anybody to use Procore," says Luke. "It’s an incentive in itself, in my opinion. Procore makes their job easier so they should want to use it."

It wasn’t only DCO Commercial Floors’ team that experienced the benefits of Procore. "The amount of organization our field team is able to show to a general contractor gives us a competitive edge. We're able to provide really detailed documentation that the GC is not getting from other trade contractors."

But for Luke, return on investment comes down to much more than this. He explains, "Having the correct, up-to-date plans in Procore helps ensure we put the right flooring in the right place. You can't pull a dollar value on that. It's huge," he pauses. "We wouldn't be where we're at without Procore."

Jessica adds, "I was recently talking about COVID and how everyone is conserving resources. I was saying that Procore would be the last thing to go—it’s not something we could live without or do business without. It's been fantastic for us," she continues. "It feels like a partnership instead of just being a vendor to us."

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