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Case Study

Dallas 1 Unlocks Real Time Financial Management with Procore

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Accessible project data fuels productivity, performance and profitability for Tampa Bay specialty contractor

The Challenge

Dallas 1 Construction & Development has been serving their community through underground utility construction for several decades. Needing a way to streamline all their financial and project information, they sought out a software that could both improve their processes and be easily adopted by both veteran and novice workers.

The Solution

After recognizing the need for a single source of truth, Dallas 1 discovered Procore and found that it was the right fit for their business to foster increased profitability and productivity. Now, the organization is able to confidently manage more work with heightened visibility because all their project and financial information is readily accessible by the right people.

The Results

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Real Time Financial Management

The Dallas 1 team has found that immediate access to their financial data keeps everyone on the same page, bettering the lives and work of their team.

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30% Revenue Increase Since Implementation

In the year and a half since bringing on Procore, Dallas 1 has seen a 30% increase in annual revenue without adding to their workforce.

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Improved Workforce Performance & Productivity

Dallas 1 has been able to take on more projects because all of their data is available in real-time to all necessary stakeholders.

We are able to handle more projects because our project managers have better tools and assets available in Procore so they can better communicate, they can track costs, and they can utilize the schedule to track the progress of their projects even better.

Kelly Azzarelli's headshot

Kelly Azzarelli

Integrated Business Planning Manager

A quality foundation of integrity

Dallas 1 is founded on the core values of continuous improvement, high quality, respect, integrity, safety and trust, which they bring to each and every project. Based in Tampa, Florida, the underground utility company performs both municipal and private work in site clearing and grading, waterline, sanitary and sewer waste services, as well as curb, sidewalk, base and asphalt installation.

With nearly 40 years of experience, Dallas 1 strongly adheres to their values, and this commitment to quality work shows up on every job, every day. The specialty contractor has worked on projects ranging from educational to commercial and beyond.

Despite a strong foundation and a great team, Dallas 1 found a need for enhanced communication, better access to financial information and overall performance improvement. Their project data was housed in siloed spreadsheets that only allowed a single editor at a time, were difficult to work out of and introduced risk concerns. Since they could only access them in office or via VPN, these spreadsheets were making it challenging to stay connected.

They needed a modern solution that was readily adoptable by their whole workforce and would centralize project information and team collaboration. After looking into a variety of solutions, Dallas 1 chose Procore as their single source of truth for every project.

Excavator on a construction site

Instant insights, long-term results

Kelly Azzarelli, Integrated Business Planning Manager at Dallas 1, has recognized firsthand the impact that implementing Procore has had on the organization. “Having Procore has improved the lives of our team members in multiple ways, but the biggest way is in real-time financial management,” says Azzarelli.

In the year and a half since implementing Procore, Dallas 1 has seen a 30% increase in revenue and gross margins without adding to their workforce—something Azzarelli notes as “unheard of in this industry.”

Now, Dallas 1 is able to work off of accurate, real-time information instead of siloed spreadsheets. With Procore’s unlimited licenses, the team no longer has to worry about one person editing at any given time or manual, double data entry. Dallas 1 is now able to provide access to any stakeholder who needs it—all with the right privacy levels so their data is secure.

“We’re able to see our budgets real-time, which is huge for a project manager to see exactly what their costs are so they can better manage the completion of it,” Azzarelli shares.

Construction workers pouring concrete

Data-driven project management

Gone are the days where information is only held by a few. Project management at Dallas 1 has been reinvigorated by implementing Procore, and their digital transformation has in turn resulted in better workforce performance and productivity.

“We are able to handle more projects because our project managers have better tools and assets within Procore so they can better communicate, they can track costs, and they can utilize the schedule to track the progress of their projects even better,” says Azzarelli. “Our project managers are typically managing anywhere from six to ten projects—and they can get that data anytime.”

Better accessibility of information has also improved communication between stakeholders. Today, the team holds weekly accountability meetings with project managers, allowing them to examine the health of each project and troubleshoot costs, delays or other issues before they snowball into big problems. As productivity has increased, so has work-life balance for the team. It’s much easier for project managers to share responsibilities and take time off because their data is readily accessible by the right people, letting them pick right back off where they left off on the job.

Construction workers installing a pipe system

Growing the industry with tech

One of the key concerns for Dallas 1 when they were researching software options was how their team would adopt the technology. They’ve been pleased to find that both veteran and younger employees have been able to get right into the software and grasp each tool they’ve implemented. Procore is now ubiquitous in their daily routines, and Azzarelli attributes this software to improving their everyday operations:

“Our employees have better access to training, to workforce development and to seeing what’s going on in our projects,” she says. “We utilize Procore to track our employee hours, our financials, our project statuses and schedules.”

Azzarelli and her team are excited about how the digital transformation of construction is ongoing both at Dallas 1 and throughout the entire industry. Dallas 1 sees technology as a way to combat the labor shortage by showcasing how software impacts everyday work in construction.

“When I think about technology adoption for the future of construction, I get excited because it’s exactly the direction we need to go to attract young talent,” Azzarelli shares. “By adding an aspect of technology and how we utilize that everyday, it could help us to grow the construction industry again.”

Equipped with the right tech stack for success and confident in their ability to deliver, Dallas 1 continues to provide top-tier service to their community.

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