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Cyberco began working with BLOC Parti, a design development and construction group located in Washington DC, to develop an integration between Procore and Smartsheet.

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"The nice thing about Procore Connect is that they have a dedicated team so we get an immediate response."

Jack Crane

Finding a Solution

Cyberco started working with BLOC Parti, a design-build firm located in Washington D.C., to create an integration with Smartsheet. Jack Crane, CEO at Cyberco, worked directly with BLOC Parti to build their integration; "We looked at the systems and we noticed that there was something that was holding them back from being completely in the cloud—the schedule."

BLOC Parti and Cyberco spent time researching different scheduling tools before finally deciding on Smartsheet. The schedule changes so rapidly in construction, and that was the main challenge that we wanted to attack." says Jack.

To Build or Not to Build

After finding Smartsheet, Cyberco needed to find a way to connect the scheduling software to BLOC Parti's project management solution, Procore. "One of the most important things we consider when developing with another system is the reliability of the API. When we evaluate programs and systems to develop on top of, it's important that we trust the API since we're going to be supporting the integration." Jack and the Cyberco team found Procore's API intuitive to develop with, and easy to support. Confident in their ability to support the Smartsheet integration, Cyberco decided to move forward with development. "Any SaaS application that has a reliable API really enables clients to extend the functionality of their processes."

As a part of Procore's Partner Program, Jack and the Cyberco team found it incredibly helpful to have a direct line of communication with Procore's API team. "The nice thing about Procore Connect is that they have a dedicated team so if someone needs clarification or help with anything, we get an immediate response."

Serving the Client's Needs

Cyberco's partnership with Procore allows their clients to use best-in-class project management software alongside their other applications—eliminating miscommunication, siloed information, and dual data entry.

Jack notes the biggest time-saver for BLOC Parti is the efficiency and flexibility for their project managers. "Project managers are always moving. Everyone wants to have a better quality of life and if you're using an on-premise piece of software, you need to be in the office. With cloud-based software, like Smartsheet and Procore, you can be at your house or even watching a ballgame while doing a schedule for the project you're working on." Working off of cloud-based solutions makes scheduling easy for BLOC Parti. "You don't have to worry about somebody's computer breaking or losing a schedule. It's 100% backed up, you can access it anytime, change anything, and it's always available."

Creating a Successful Business

After just a short stint in beta, BLOC Parti was able to take full advantage of the integration and immediately saw the benefits.

"The first client we built the integration for was BLOC Parti but we quickly realized that this was a solution that would interest a number of GCs. Using Procore's App Marketplace, we began to market our integration and we've now brought on another 30 clients," says Jack.

Cyberco was so successful in building out an integration, that they were able to offer the service to other clients with similar scheduling needs. "We have multiple demos per day, we're seeing more trials, and a lot of user adoption. Procore Connect has really enabled our business to take advantage of another method of creating revenue for the organization."