Case Study

Saying Goodbye to Double Entry

The Challenge

Cullison Wright needed a centralized project management system that allowed collaborators to access project data while out in the field—without having to juggle multiple software systems. They sought to find an affordable solution that could handle the rigors of their growing company.

The Solution

Procore's cloud-based software and mobile apps provided Cullison Wright a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for storing, sharing, and accessing data from anywhere. The company was able to break information silos caused by a hard-to-access network and now, remote team members, office staff, and external partners are able to share the most current project information in real time.

“Implementation has been good. The training is set up well and having the videos and certifications to look at makes the transition easy for our team.”

Sarah Cullison


The Cullison family have proudly taken part in building their hometown of Ocala, Florida for over a century. In 1962, Jerry Cullison made the decision to formally found what was then known as Cullison Builders. Since then, they've steadily grown from specializing in local residential construction to taking on commercial projects like hospitals, schools, senior living facilities, government projects, and industrial facilities with a six-person team.

Saying Goodbye to Double Entry

Prior to adopting Procore, the Cullison Wright team was managing documentation through email chains, field management through Excel, and project management through their accounting software. These systems lacked integration and left their team without a way to properly communicate throughout their growing list of projects.

Their disjointed processes and lack of communication between the different formats was resulting in double entry and constant monitoring of their data. Ultimately, it was hindering their ability to take on new, out-of-state projects, subcontractors, and revenue.

Front view of OCALA Infectious Disease and Wound center

Value for the Money

Sara Cullison, President of Cullison Wright, led the team in an effort to find a new project management solution. "We knew we wanted to go cloud-based since we were expanding out of state," says Sara. "We needed a central system with a reliable offline mode that wouldn't leave us without access to the app while on site."

Sara attended a Procore roadshow in Orlando earlier this year. She was impressed with how Procore's unlimited licenses, integrations, and drawing-centric project management solved their pain points. The only thing left to do was to compare the cost to other solutions.

Reception inside of OCALA Infectious Disease and Wound center

The Ease of Implementation

With guidance from their Implementation Manager, Amy Naksutti, the Cullison Wright team passed their 30-day implementation milestone. Sara says her team is enjoying how easy the training process has been. All of their power users started the onboarding process by completing Procore's certification program. Now, they are working to tailor the way they want Procore to work for them based on the way their team functions on a day-to-day basis.

"It's refreshing to have a full team of power users that are always engaged and seem to work closely together," says Amy. "Collectively, they all make sure to have their trainings completed prior to the scheduled consultation calls. They all come prepared with questions and I truly feel that with each call this team is going to do great. They seem to really love the tool."

And everyone is getting involved, from the office to the field. "Currently, we are identifying their internal processes for accounting. Moving forward, this will help us cater their new data entry methods to reduce the need for double work."

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