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"Procore collaboration has increased our efficiency."

For Consigli—known for their expertise in managing complex building projects—running projects as efficiently as possible, has always been the goal. The challenge facing Consigli was to find a single project management solution that could replace the multiple, non-collaborative software tools used in the past. The plan was to find a program that would interconnect a project's numerous daily tasks and allow users to annotate drawings, create daily reports, access progress photo libraries, and manage weekly task logs and milestone schedules, all through a single application.

“Procore's collaborative functionality has completely increased our efficiency. What used to take nearly a day to complete, is now done in a matter of minutes.”

Anthony Chiaradonna

Chief Information Officer

A Central Repository of Project Data

Before Consigli acquired Procore, they had to leverage many different technologies to accomplish what Procore can do by itself.

"We had been using a lot of different technologies to keep up with our growth and the sophistication of our projects," says Anthony Chiaradonna, Consigli's Chief Information Officer. "That's why we went with Procore—to help us collaborate and work with our clients better and manage our project documentation more efficiently. And it doesn't hurt that their mobile capabilities are unrivaled."

With Procore, Consigli has combined nearly all of their previous technologies into one, central hub of project information. Field staff have been able to replace their Excel documents with cloud-based mobile tools that accomplish the same tasks, like daily reports and RFIs.

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Efficiency Boost

Anthony also praises Procore for eliminating duplication and reducing not only wasted time and money, but the need for storage space as well. With many of their jobs worth over $50 million, they had to keep documents in numerous places in order to facilitate the ease of accessibility. Now the company doesn't have to manually store documents internally or monitor the backup of that storage, because everything resides securely in Procore.

"Procore's collaborative functionality has completely increased our efficiency output," says Anthony. "Allowing our subcontractors, clients, and all of our staff to meet and work out of one space has been such a big time saver—what used to take nearly a day, is now done in a matter of minutes."

The collaboration and the consolidation of the software not only saves the company money, it also saves a lot of headache and time because it is a one-stop shop. Anthony explains, "I want to be able to do my job, which is to manage the building process—not become a software developer. That's really what I was looking for when I selected Procore. I am so pleased that Procore is consistently on top of its game, and makes us better and stronger because of it."

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Seamless Implementation and Adoption

When Consigli first implemented Procore in mid-2014, they started off with around seven projects using the software platform, with only three or four of the staff logging in daily. In just a few months, Consigli jumped from 7 to over 76 projects in various states of use and over 300 users. Implementation was quick and seamless, and all team members were able to pick up Procore without any hurdles due to the easy-to-use interface.

The training process was easy, Anthony says. "We leveraged the training videos Procore provided to help us learn the ins and outs of every tool and made sure all of our teams watched those prior to moving forward. It has laid out in a way that makes it incredibly easy to get through. If you're trying to introduce something new to workers in the field that have tight deadlines and are focused on getting the job done on time and on budget, it's got to be easy to use."

Working with Procore is like having "a seat at the table," says Anthony. Procore listens to their questions and comments, and has been responsive to suggestions as far as making the tools best fit Consigli's needs. "That's been the key for us as far as looking to the future and wanting to know that we have a partner in this—someone that's willing to adjust with us as technology changes and as our company needs to change."

"The ease of implementation and the acceptance of my end users is unrivaled. Procore is a no brainer."

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Increasing Transparency

Not only has the transition been seamless for Consigli teams, but their clients, too. "The easier I can make it for a client, the better—especially at our size and the size of the jobs we are working on. Because of how easy Procore is to use, I've even been able to get some clients to use it, since it's not a burden to learn."

This centralization and synchronization of information not only provides teams with access to pertinent project data, but also project progress and health—giving stakeholders a big picture view of every aspect of a project.

With Procore, all communications are tracked and archived like an electronic filing cabinet. The entire change history across all iterations as well as documentation of who made those changes are tracked, increasing accountability. This allows project managers to see if anyone has failed to view the most recent set of plans, enforcing users to be on the same page and schedule to avoid potential delays and rework.

Increasing Accessibility and Collaboration

Anthony is also particularly pleased that Procore does not have seat licensing. That means Procore offers an unlimited amount of users, which sets it apart from its competitors. Consigli has over 400 staff members that use the software so the unlimited seat licensing has not only been a great perk, but a huge money-saver as well.

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