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Case Study

CDG Maintains Growth by Streamlining Preconstruction

Interior office space built by CDG Builders

The Challenge

CDG Builders quadrupled in size within their first four years—a stellar growth rate that eventually outpaced CDG’s processes. CDG’s preconstruction team was spending hours managing prequalification and bidding, using multiple systems and paper-based processes. Communications with subcontractors via email and phone calls meant hunting through dozens of messages to find time sensitive information.

The Solution

With a centralized platform for all project and subcontractor information, Procore has helped CDG Builders streamline preconstruction processes and reduce risk by boosting standardization, efficiency, and collaboration across project teams. Significantly reduced risk frees up CDG to focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional service and project quality to their customers.

The Results

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Fourteen Weekly Hours

Streamlined comms with specialty contractors save precon teams 14 hours weekly across projects, on average.

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One Centralized Hub

CDG went from 3 non-integrated systems to 1 centralized solution for prequalification and bidding.

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Single Source Prequal for All

Teams now manage risk by having one source of truth for specialty contractor prequalification data.

Procore has saved our back a number of times, even as we move from preconstruction to construction. We can go back and say ‘hey, you say you didn’t receive the updated plans, but Procore shows us you downloaded and viewed them on this date.

Kristi Martin

Director of Office Operations

Saving Time by Getting Rid of the Back-and-Forth

With Procore, CDG Builders reduced the time they spend on key processes, sometimes by as much as half. With a central hub to ensure that all subcontractor information is complete and up to date, they reduce the time-intensive back-and-forth and streamline bid invites by leveraging previously verified vendor information. CDG also saves time by taking advantage of Procore’s automatic notifications to follow up with subcontractors, remind them to review bid materials, check on updated documentation, and submit their bids. Finally, by leveraging the power of Procore’s complete construction platform, it’s easy to convert a winning bid to a subcontract, carrying over all key information without re-entering data—saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

People working at a desk in CDG builders office

A Second Set of Eyes

CDG’s previous bidding process, a combination of multiple systems and good old-fashion email, lacked the ability to systematically verify drawings and other critical project data. In that context, it can be easy to let an outdated drawing slip by or let the wrong addendum go out. Procore provides the team with a "second set of eyes," a mechanism to verify that bidders are getting the most up-to-date, complete set of project data.

With Procore, CDG is able to gain insights into subcontractors’ activity throughout the bidding process. CDG can view and track when a subcontractor has accepted an invite, downloaded the latest set of specs and drawings, and submitted their bid. This audit trail increases compliance—not only in the bidding process, but throughout the course of construction.

"Procore has had our back a number of times," says Kristi Martin, CDG Builders’ Director of Office Operations. "Even as we move from preconstruction to construction. We can go back and say ‘hey, you say you didn’t receive the updated plans, but Procore shows us you downloaded and viewed them on this date.’ You can validate that the subcontractor did receive them and hold them accountable to their scope of work."

Close up of people working at a desk

Reducing Risk—Now and in the Future

Things can turn on a dime in the construction world. When it comes to the subcontractors they work with, CDG needs visibility into the most up-to-date information—including company details, insurance tracking, OSHA citations, and EMR ratings. CDG can drill down and clearly see to whom they’ve historically awarded the most work, view how the work is generally being distributed, and make decisions based on a more holistic understanding of who is doing what work. Through Procore, they can regularly revisit prequalification status to protect the company risk.

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