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Case Study

Capstone Homes: Procore brings all professionals together in luxury homebuilding

Luxury house's backyard and pool area during night time

The Bahamas-based custom home builder plans to save 10 percent of its schedule and budget thanks to improving the accountability of its subcontractors.

The Challenge

Capstone Homes, a construction management company, moved from Orlando, Florida, to Bahamas capital Nassau 12 years ago to apply their know-how in custom home building to the paradisiacal neighborhoods in the West of New Providence Island. With growth came the need to improve the documentation of their construction process to increase accountability and efficiency. Trust is vital when building houses ranging from $6 million to $25 million and there was a need to answer all questions related to small changes in the initial plans for the luxury houses.

The Solution

Procore “ticked all the boxes” says their General Manager JD Russell, since it put everybody on the same platform and gave homeowners a sense of security and easy access to information. Capstone Homes has been using the software for three years and doubled the number of projects they undertook. Russell says now he can be more involved without being on site all the time, allowing him to focus more on strategic decisions and less in operational supervision. The platform summarizes the information for homeowners, architects, designers and other professionals and keeps the budget under control for the company.

The Results

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Projection of 10% savings of the company's budget and time spent on each project.

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Accountability and Efficiency

Increase in accountability and efficiency when documenting changes in the construction process because everyone is involved in the process.

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Scaling Safely

The company can scale safely. It aims for an increase in revenue and staff of 30% in the next couple of years, while maintaining the level of quality that a high-end market requires.

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Selling Point

The software is used in sales pitches for potential clients.

Procore puts everything on one single platform. It allows you to see what's going on 24-7 on your job or any of your job sites at any point in time. It's very, very helpful.

headshot of JD Russell

JD Russell

Director General

The history

Capstone Homes began building luxury homes in Orlando, Florida, in neighborhoods close to the lakes. The team was able to move with their families to Bahamas, where they believe they could not only improve the quality of their lives but also of the luxury homes in New Providence island. They offer “the same high standards of construction, materials, products, and handcrafted finishes of the finest residences in North America and around the world” and durability against the harsh tropical climate. Capstone Homes were successful managing projects and subcontractors, but with success and growth came the need for a platform that allows greater involvement from all the professionals and scrutiny to improve efficiency and accountability. When a project went bad three years ago, they started to search for the right software and after comparing options, they chose Procore.

Two story glass home's pool area

From Dropbox to an integrated platform

Before Procore, Capstone Homes didn't have a work flow process or standard operating procedures. They kept their documentation in different folders in Dropbox that were not accessible to all the professionals included in the project and they didn't document many of the changes and decisions that modified the initial specifications of their projects.

After implementing Procore, homeowners had more control since they knew all decisions made in the project and could talk to the right person about it. “Whether it be onsite or in the office, it brought all professionals and the homeowner to the same place”, says Russell.

Luxury home's loving room with an open glass door to the backyard leading to the beach

When the architect loves Procore

The company is particularly satisfied with the results given by Procore in a 20.000 feet home in the luxury resort community of Albany due to the positive involvement of the architect. “The architect has totally bought into Procore and loves it”, says Russell. The platform helped tracking the RFI and the changes in the project plan and gave the architect a quick tool to approve any submittal by the engineers. “It's a very large project, but it's gone very, very well. And a big part of that is due to Procore”, he says.

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