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Case Study

Building Zone Industries Propels Innovation and Success with Procore

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Steel Erection and Fabrication Company Utilizes Procore to Increase Project Efficiency and Safety Across the Nation

The Challenge

Building Zone Industries (BZI Steel) is a leading provider of steel erection and fabrication across the United States. The company uses innovative processes and technology to ensure the highest quality results, unbeatable timeframes and above-average safety protocols. However, with so many moving parts in every project, BZI needed a way to simplify the technology it used, reduce manual entry and streamline communication throughout its projects.

The Solution

Procore offered BZI an answer to all of these problems almost instantaneously. Procore’s cloud-based solution meant that BZI could use a singular source of truth for all of its employees, no matter where they were located. By consolidating information and centralizing the project management process from beginning to end, BZI believes Procore has helped increase its production and profitability substantially.

We feel that Procore is the very best solution to a steel company across the board from a fabrication, erection, quality control, and most importantly, safety standpoint. It connects all the tools into one place and BZI feels like that is where we’re able to bring all our values to the table.

Nate Steed's headshot

Nate Steed

Vice President of Operations

Technology Consolidation and Cost Reductions

BZI was able to eliminate three separate software solutions it had been using and replaced them with Procore’s connected solution. Acting as BZI’s single source of truth, Procore helped decrease unnecessary data entry and confusion while also increasing communication and collaboration. With Procore’s unlimited user model, BZI was able to cut down costs and eliminate the pay-per-user model they previously had to cover with other systems.

Man wielding a steel structure

Communication and Efficiency Improvements

Procore’s cloud-based solution has made connecting fast and simple for BZI employees. After implementing Procore, BZI witnessed a sizable increase in efficiency and therefore, production. This can largely be attributed to the streamlined communication it offers within its cloud-based solution, no matter where users are located."Procore has driven our production and even our profitability up substantially over the past year since we implemented across the board," says Nate Steed, Vice President of Operations at BZI.

Better Quality and Safety

BZI has been able to leverage Procore to reduce risk in several areas, including financial, safety and manual errors. It has enabled their teams to stop worrying about the risk of errors because what was previously handled manually is now automated accurately within the Procore system. The decline in potential errors has ultimately led to a decrease in the risk of losing money due to mistakes made in the building process that often stem from manual data entry, flawed communication and unclear processes.More importantly, Procore has helped reduced safety risks, improving the lives of all BZI employees. With Procore, BZI is able to proactively manage safety risks in the field. Users can easily see and comply with regulations and quality specifications, and can even collect information on potential causes of such issues, like risky behaviors, near misses and incidents.

Steel structure under construction

Technology in a “Traditional” Industry

Procore’s technology has been, and continues to be, fine-tuned to fit the needs of construction companies across the globe. With technology being such an integral part of BZI’s processes, it was imperative they have a technology solution designed specifically for the construction industry in order to stay on track, communicate with ease, deliver high-quality results on every project and work with a partner who understands the industry. Moreover, it’s vital the solution has the ability to be customisable to their needs. Adopting Procore has had an obvious, positive impact on BZI in multiple areas continuing to propel BZI’s already-proven example of steel companies that are pushing against the norm and exceeding all expectations.

Value Alignments Propel Company Culture and Growth

BZI stands strong in its priorities. Values such as commitment, innovation, respect and integrity have continuously drawn in both older and younger generations, creating a dynamic culture filled with unique ideas.

This culture has facilitated powerful teamwork which has led to the adoption and creation of new technologies, the proprietary “Steeltech Academy'' for safety education, inventive processes and much more. These innovations are evident when looking at BZI’s astounding success — 10x revenue growth in five years.

As two people-focused, technology-forward companies, BZI and Procore mesh extremely well. Aligned values have enabled them to operate in a way that propels growth on both sides. For example, with BZI’s input, Procore is able to more accurately tailor its solution for subcontractors, which benefits everyone in the long run. Nate Steed, Vice President of Operations at BZI, mentioned that, “[BZI sees] Procore being a good vehicle for us and just getting on board. Being on the same page has been huge. Just the effort to innovate, develop these softwares, and make improvements across the board has been an exponential experience in our opinion.” Similarly, Wilford Jessop, BZI’s Systems Administrator, said, “BZI is all about the people, and we find that in Procore, our similar cultures and values really connect together. It's been an awesome experience to find someone so closely aligned that we could just go to work.”

Implementing a connected solution and working with the team at Procore has aided BZI, even more so, in fostering its company culture for employees. It has allowed them to lean further into their values of innovation and integrity, both in themselves and in the work they produce.

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