Bengoa Construction

Bengoa Construction was looking for a way to more efficiently and accurately track their team’s field productivity.


Bengoa Construction was looking for a way to more efficiently and accurately track their team's field productivity.


With Procore's Timesheets Tool, Bengoa Construction was not only able to better track crew time in the field, but they also saved time, increased data accuracy, and improved communication across teams.

“I really recommend the use of the Timesheets Tool in the mobile app. It's fantastic. Procore's team is so friendly and really works with us to both understand our needs and help us as much as they can.”
Yoslaine Muchuli, Project Controller
Bengoa Construction

Manage projects more efficiently.

For Yoslaine Muchuli, Procore's Field Productivity tools have been integral in helping her team at Bengoa Construction manage their projects more efficiently. While Procore's comprehensive toolset has provided them with accurate record-keeping and improved office-to-field communication, the Timesheets Tool specifically has become a key feature in helping them better track crew time in the field.

With Timesheets, users have the ability to quickly enter crew time data on their mobile or web device, view real-time labor budget to actual reporting, and analyze performance with powerful data all in one, centralized location. For Bengoa, the ability to easily track labor productivity in real time has helped projects stay on schedule and under budget.

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, employees quickly and easily become acquainted with the tools, thereby making training easy and boosting employee adoption. With increased communication, accuracy, and time saved, Procore has provided Bengoa Construction's team with a reliable system to better track labor data and ensure project success.

"The Timesheets Tool has reduced miscommunication, and we get more accurate information from employees. It's paperless and saves time. Even team members who aren't as tech-savvy quickly feel comfortable using the Timesheets Tool. It's selfexplanatory and the tutorials and videos are very helpful."

About Bengoa Construction Inc.

Bengoa Construction Inc. is a licensed Structural Repair Company that provides services to Condominiums, Government Facilities, and Commercial Buildings.


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