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Asturian Group, Inc.

Asturian Group, Inc. is a general contractor in the DC-area working almost exclusively for federal agencies, including just about every federal agency in its locality.

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Asturian Group was losing money because subcontractors in the field often worked off of outdated drawings. Revisions were made frequently, and it was virtually impossible to ensure everyone was using the most current set of plans.


Procore's drawing management solution gave the general contractor the ability to align the teams so that the field, office, and accounting staff could collaborate and access project information in real-time.

"When changes occur, you want the set of drawings in everyone's hand to be the most current. With Procore, it's literally instant."

Geoff Bambini
Asturian Group, Inc.

"Asturian has projects in eight states now," explains Geoff Bambini, who works at Asturian with the Business Development and Management Organization teams. "We are experiencing exponential growth. We went from basically no revenue, to three million, to seven million, to almost thirty million."

When Geoff joined Asturian, he was looking for an intuitive, cloud-based, cutting-edge software and found Procore. After watching a demonstration and realizing how well Procore worked, Geoff bought the platform. Once Asturian launched Procore, they were blown away by the quick implementation and functionality of Procore's solution.

"When I was looking for a software company, I wanted to make sure that the company was standing on its own. Procore fit that description exactly," says Geoff. "I was concerned when I bought my previous solution because it was taken over by Meridian, and then it became something else. It went through an evolution that just didn't work. Procore stands totally on its own."

Beautiful long island mansion built by Asturian Group

Implementing Procore

When asked how long it took Asturian to implement Procore, Geoff said, "Within 45 days, we had Procore up and running. The tech support that we received from Procore was wonderful and unexpected. We had never seen anything like it before." He continues, "The evolution and the change it has caused in our company is revolutionary. Especially, if you consider that we've only been using it for a year."

Geoff praises Procore's customer service and says it had a large part in the success of Asturian's quick implementation process.

It Is a challenge to implement a team of construction folks who are not computer geniuses, but Asturian's experience has been positive across the board. "The biggest challenge with any implementation is getting buy-in from people who aren't as tech savvy. I have an older gentleman in my office who didn't know much about computers before, but now he's distributing all of his submittals through Procore," says Geoff.

Return on Investment

After investing in Procore, it was clear to Asturian what kind of return they would see in terms of improved efficiency and time and money saved. For starters, they looked at how much time they were spending to process a subcontractor agreement.

"It used to take nearly an hour for contract administrators to prepare, print, package, and put the agreement in the FedEx envelope. With a couple hundred contracts a year, at $30-$40 per man-hour, per subcontract agreement, we're looking at upwards of $10,000 saved just in this task alone."

Geoff also appreciates that Procore's platform reduces overhead. Being a small business, Asturian has to make sure such costs are minimized. Procore ensures the company never has to hire additional resources, especifically in the office for administrative purposes. "That's a testament to Procore's ROI—I'm saving two to three salaries worth of money."

Geoff believes that Asturian is almost at the stage where errors are completely eliminated, a huge risk-saver.

Mansion with large yard built by Asturian Group

Accountability is Everything

Everybody in the company has access to Procore. Being a federal contractor with so many different federal clients, the goal is for each client to have their own daily report form, and the same thing goes for subcontractor payments. With Procore, that sort of configuration is possible.

Another benefit Asturian sees with Procore is an increase in accountability. "I know exactly which submittals haven't been sent out yet, so I am able to hold those parties accountable. Every subcontract has a time capsule when sent, so I'm able to track it a million times easier than I could before."

Asturian's reputation is important to the firm and it is essential to be able to protect the brand. The ultimate goal in using Procore is to hold project managers accountable for their budgetary requirements. Asturian required software that would encourage staff to collaborate—the field team, office, and accounting teams all needed to work better together and see all project information at the same time.

"When changes occur, you want the set of drawings in everyone's hand to be the most current. With Procore, it's literally instant. From a risk-management perspective, I can't afford to have my team or subcontractors building off of an old set. Everything about Procore is exactly what I was looking for.

"I'm the biggest advocate for Procore. It's had a huge impact on our business success," says Geoff.

Geoff knows some construction professionals who have been in the industry a long time are hesitant about implementing a cloud-based construction project management solution. To them, Geoff says, "They need to recognize that there's a technological shift happening in construction, and those that aren't willing to embrace it will be left behind. We've adopted Procore and know we'll leave our competitors in the dust."

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