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Case Study

Alberici is a Procore Super User Through Premier Support

A crane with Alberici's logo on it

When Alberici Scaled, So Did Their Procore Expertise

The Challenge

Alberici, a general contractor with $2.6B in annual revenue, is continually growing, their construction management system accommodating ever-increasing numbers of projects and team members. The contractor needed a rapid-response support model to guarantee smooth and frictionless scaling for their vastly expanding Procore use.

The Solution

Procore’s Premier Support provides Alberici immediate, deeply informed, boutique assistance for those complex niche issues frontline support isn’t equipped to handle. Personalized rapid support from a limitless knowledge base assures Alberici that their leveraging of Procore is continually optimized as they grow.

The Results

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Personalized, Immediate Tech Support

Premier Support tackles your issues quickly and expertly.

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Bolstering ROI

Premier Support levels up enterprise-wide Procore expertise with each deeply-researched response.

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An Inside Advocate

Premier Support is your advocate at Procore headquarters, following dev progress on your tech request.

There has never been a management system or software that I’ve used that provides the same level of support we get with Procore Premier Support. That's solely because of the Premier Support team. If I'm working on anything, I know I can email Leah and she jumps right in! She's almost an extension of our team at Alberici.

Gabrielle Robitaille

Construction Technology Manager

Alberici’s Autonomy is Key to their Success

Founded in 1918 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, Alberici is ranked 30th on the Engineering News-Record’s list of the largest construction companies in the United States. The builder is uniquely equipped to thrive and grow due in part to autonomy of its own making—a self-performing craft labor force of more than 2,500, their own steel fabrication facility, dedicated port facilities on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, and an equipment fleet valued at more than $100 million. Self-reliance is Alberici’s growth engine.

So when Alberici’s latest period of expansion brought more and more team members and projects into their Procore platform, they partnered with Procore’s Premier Support to ensure their teams were well supported.  Gabrielle Robitaille is Alberici’s Construction Technology Manager and one of only three Procore specialists in the company. “Most of our work and the support that we provide to our customers—which in our case is Alberici employees, architects, owners, and subcontractors on our jobsites—is mostly related to process support.”

A Procore partner since 2017, Alberici—and Robitaille’s team—know their way around the project management platform. “We have high expectations within our team as a Procore support service for the organization. We want to maintain a level of support that makes our operations staff feel like when they ask a question, it gets answered, and it gets answered thoroughly and correctly.”

Piece of aluminum pipe inside of Hillsdale Fabricators' welding warehouse

Procore Premier Support is the Expert’s Expert

About a year into their Procore partnership, Alberici decided to begin using Procore Premier Support. Why? “As we scaled, we also scaled our use of Procore throughout our enterprise. That’s when we saw the value in having that additional, deeper support for our team to reach. That was where we determined the ROI justified our investment in Premier Support,” says Robitaille.

Procore’s Premier Support embeds Procore’s support specialists in the center of all Alberici processes and workflows.“There's a couple of different high-level values we get from the Premier Support team,” Robitaille explains. “First off, if we have a question about the system, we can email Premier Support and know we're going to get a response—and a very well-thought-out response—almost immediately. Secondly,  the relationships we've created with people like  Leah––Alberici’s dedicated support rep––who feels like an extension of our own team.”

“Our monthly meetings with Leah give us insights into the who's and what's being asked. That intel allows us to then focus training efforts across the enterprise, so we can ensure we are getting our return on investment in Procore as a whole––because people are using it right, they're getting the efficiency we've promised them from the get-go.”

Alberici's warehouse interior

Premier Support is Alberici’s Procore Headquarters

Procore’s default frontline customer support has an impressive reputation for supporting the Procore client base. So why the need for Premier Support? Robitaille can answer that. “Frontline support is great for the very basic navigational questions: ‘I'm having a hard time with this, or I don't know how to get to that.’ But that next tier of process-related support is where we find Premier Support provides value. They do their research, talk to the product teams, and connect with engineering to figure out what's going on in the backend in order to provide a really thoughtful response to us.”

When you sign on with Procore’s Premier Support, you’re enlisting an advocate inside Procore headquarters. “We'll have something with Procore’s engineers in the works—maybe it's an issue in the system that we have mentioned and been tracking. We know that, no matter what, Premier is back there at Procore pushing the engineering team—or following up on those questions. So they advocate for us a ton, pushing and managing the follow-up on some of those lead issues.”

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