Fast time tracking for the project management team.

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Log time across multiple projects, in one place.

One simple interface for project managers and project engineers to enter time for all projects.

  • Quickly enter timecard data from web or mobile
  • Export timecard data for payroll
  • Powerful reporting options

“Procore has eliminated paper timecards, reduced time entry errors, improved our employees' time entry accountability, and significantly reduced payroll processing time.”

George Liles

Liles Construction


What is Procore’s Timecard tool? 

Procore's Company level Timecard tool gives you employee time tracking in a current-week context—the ability to enter timecard data for those employees who have previously been added as contacts in Procore's Company level Directory tool. With configurable timecard entry fields, Procore’s construction Timecard app allows data to be saved in the standard Procore format, or in a format that is compatible with Sage Timberline.

Is the Timecard tool mobile?

Yes. Using a smartphone or tablet, the project management team can enter project time into this cloud-based employee time-tracking software in the field, from the office, site trailer, or a room 100 miles away. Project time may also be entered via the web from a desktop computer. Procore’s employee time clock software is thorough in its documentation, noting each Timecard record including the project, cost code, total hours, billable status, and detail of work accomplished.

What are some of the features of accounting integrations?

Financial information like budgets, contracts, change orders, and invoices are updated instantly instead of at the end of the week or month. Project teams can make budgeting and forecasting decisions based on actuals from the accounting team. When everyone has instant access to accounting information, both sides are empowered to make knowledgeable decisions, streamline change management, and accurately monitor the financial health of a project.

Relying on intermittent and delayed updates is risky. Without streamlining the two systems, accounting teams are left guessing on forecasting and budget.

How is the Timecard tool integrated in the Procore platform?

Timecard entries appear on the project’s Daily Log, and can also be included as a part of Procore’s daily project reporting. Timecard entries also appear in the Timesheets tool, Procore’s construction time-tracking software that provides a single, bird’s-eye view of all accrued time entered against a project for both the project management and field crew teams.

What are some of the features of Procore’s Timecard tool?

Procore’s construction time tracking software, Timecard, makes project labor tracking easy, aggregates data for at-a-glance viewing and allows you to specify billable hours on projects. View configurable timecard reports by filtering data by date, employee, project, and billable/non-billable hours. No need to create a new timecard from the ground up; simply recreate a timecard by copying hours from a previous week and editing to reflect current status. Procore Timecard data may be exported to CSV or PDF.