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Construction cost management software

Avoid the price of being over budget.

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Keep your eye on the bottom line.

With Procore you'll be able to track both committed and noncommitted costs while providing greater accessibility to your Project Management staff.

  • Enter invoices and expenses that are not related to your commitments and drill into the details from the Budget
  • Import non-commitment related costs from a CSV to avoid double entry
  • Track commitment related invoices
  • Attach copies of invoices so your project managers have all the details they need, reducing accounting phone calls or emails and wasted time

Receive payment applications through Procore

Procore allows you to easily create client payment applications as well as receive payment applications from each of your commitments. Payment applications are formatted based on the industry standard G702/G703 progress billing and includes features such as retainage and stored materials. Procore can even generate a standard G702/G703 document that can be customized to meet your specific project or company needs. Additional documentation such as Lien Waivers can be attached to Payment Applications to allow all required backup to be submitted and stored in the system.

Track non-committed costs

Using Procore's Direct Costs tool you'll be able to track all of the detail of your non-committed costs such as General Conditions and General Requirements. No more needing to call accounting to ask for a detail report or inquire whether a certain invoice is hitting the budget. If you're already managing and entering these invoices somewhere else, you can utilize our import tool to mass create direct costs and avoid double entry.

“We have been able to use Procore to expand the service offering to our clients, while simultaneously reducing the time commitment and resources involved.”

Dustin Stoudt

Jones Carter