Capital Project Management for Owners

Procore's industry-standard platform is the highest-ranked construction management software on G2 for our ability to help drive growth and minimize exposure for the people who pay the bills.

“Procore means collaboration, process improvements, scalability, and financial benefits.”

Lucas Denardo, Oxford Properties

“Procore means collaboration, process improvements, scalability, and financial benefits.”

Lucas Denardo, Oxford Properties

Take control of every step of your project lifecycle.

Execute your plan as intended with centralized collaboration and standardized processes in Procore.


Leading owners trust Procore.

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One Source of Truth for Your Entire Portfolio

Financial Management

Track and manage every dollar.

Standardize the collection and reporting of financial data gathered in the field—giving you real-time visibility into your financial position across your entire portfolio.

  • Manage all financial information in one place
  • Share real-time, visual reports with the click of a button
  • Accurately forecast your costs and course correct to stay on track
  • Generate trust among potential investors by using Procore's best-in-class technology
  • Easily track, report, and view allocations of multiple funding sources
  • Integrate with a capital planning solution for more accurate planning
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Capital Project Governance

Standardize capital project governance across your portfolio.

Establish an oversight structure that is easy for all to execute against and gives your team the visibility you need to keep your projects on track and your portfolio in the black.

  • Ensure that teams adhere to your governance structure
  • Approval workflows enhance financial control and ensure the right stakeholders are notified of financial risk
  • Report on KPIs with accurate data and gain insights into process improvements
  • Oversee the real-time financial position of your entire portfolio in one source of truth
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Portfolio Insights

Put your data to work.

Make smart management decisions by turning project data gathered in the field and from the rest of your tech stack into actionable insights about your capital project delivery.

  • Assess risk with real-time insights into your portfolio's status
  • Create custom reports that highlight the data most valuable to your team
  • Quickly pull current-state financial information for stakeholders and investors
  • Leverage historical data to pinpoint trends and improve delivery across your portfolio
  • Forecast more accurately and improve your pro forma financial statements
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Planning & Development

Move from development to execution in a single platform.

Procore isn’t just a tool for managing construction. It’s an end-to-end platform where work flows between all of your teams, tools, and partners from planning to development and beyond.

  • Retain all information from phase to phase in one place
  • Leverage historical data to develop accurate capital plans and validate expected ROI
  • Facilitate planning, entitlements, permitting, and design development
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Lean Scaling

Get more done without increasing your headcount.

Instead of spending time looking through emails and spreadsheets, ensure everyone is on the same page and efficiently working toward the same goal by keeping project and portfolio data in one place.

  • Automate manual and error-prone processes that waste time and cause rework
  • Use real-time data to best focus your resources
  • Maintain your competitive advantage by building a reputation for well-executed project delivery
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Easy Implementation

Get up and running, fast.

Procore is one of G2’s top 100 software products for 2022 for good reason. We prioritize intuitive and easy-to-learn app workflows so you will see high adoption and quick ramp rates among your teams and collaborators.

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Explore products purpose-built for owners.

Support your core business goals with real ROI.


increase in capital projects and assets managed by each team member with Procore.


of owners say they have more protection in a litigation scenario with Procore.


of owners say Procore helps standardize processes across all projects.

Solutions Built for Your Industry

Your challenges are unique. Your tools should be too. Procore's solutions are purpose-built for owners by owners. Request a demo of the one we built for you.

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Industrial and Manufacturing

Customer Story

“Would I recommend Procore to other owners? Not our competition.”

Greg Cashen

VP of Construction

Wood Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of owners use Procore?

Did you know that Procore was originally developed for an owner, the CEO and Founder of Procore, who first built Procore to provide visibility into their custom home project? Just ask one of our 1300+ owner clients that rely on Procore every day for real-time updates on their projects. Procore is ideal for owners because it allows them to own their data, standardize their project delivery, and mitigate risk. Procore is built to support the work of commercial real estate developers, renewable energy developers, the energy sector, manufacturing, data centers, retail, and more.

Does Procore have a proven budget and cost management solution?

Procore’s financial tools are battle-tested, and we have the proof to back it up. In the past three years, we have accelerated our owners product roadmap by focusing on Procore Financials and Analytics. With the Financials and Analytics tools in Procore, you can analyze data and put your information to work. Measure project costs, compare bids, and aggregate performance insights across your portfolio. Gain an at-a-glance view of each project in addition to individual cost items. Give your teams the tools they need to control every step of your construction projects.

Does Procore have any capital project management tools?

Yes! You can plan, deliver, and manage your projects and capital portfolio more efficiently with Procore’s Capital Project Governance solution suite. Incorporate your oversight processes and increase the certainty of optimal outcomes with the insights to navigate any unforeseen challenges. Learn more about improving your portfolio health with Procore's Capital Project Governance solution now.

My GC's use Procore. Why do I need my own account?

You own your projects and you should own all of your data and processes too. While many owners have access to Procore through a GC, at the end of the day the owner only gets to see what the GC lets them. The primary value of Procore for owners resides in allowing them to own and control their project data. Benefits include improved controls, visibility, predictability, risk management, and protection from litigation exposure. Purpose-built tools for owners like Financials, Analytics, and Bid Leveling, enable our customers to enhance their ability to deliver on capital plans, get more out of their money and support their core business goals. To see what Procore looks like in action, contact sales.

How does Procore's pricing model work for owners?

Our pricing model is built to provide flexibility by scaling with your business and allowing you to use whatever products you need to achieve your goals and boost productivity. Considering the productivity gains, our pricing model is an investment that pays dividends. Learn more about our unlimited pricing model now.

How does Procore secure my data?

Procore wants you to be comfortable with our security, as verified by third-party organizations. Therefore, we comply with major IT security management standards, including (ISO) 27001:2013 as a framework for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information; and SSAE18 SOC 2 to maintain confidentiality. We also know that personal data stored in our systems comes with rights and responsibilities, and we adhere to global data protection standards and principles, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Australian Privacy Principles. Learn more about our global infrastructure, security and data governance standards, and data privacy requirements.