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Construction Finance

Learn from experts in accounting, bidding, estimating, financing, and contracts. Grow your business with a solid understanding of construction finance and cash flow.

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Introduction to Construction Finance

Construction finance involves everything related to money management for construction businesses. Because construction is a complex, high-risk, project-based field, construction finance involves a wide range of skills and roles.

From estimating and bidding to contract formation and accounting systems, construction finance professionals are responsible for guiding a construction business toward growth.

Financial Management Basics

Learn the basics of accounting, cash flow, contracts, estimating, bidding, financing, and capital to develop a solid foundation for growing a construction business.

Illustrated bar chart overlaid on person performing financial calculations

Introduction to Construction Accounting

Construction companies have to make difficult choices among many financial...

Illustration of arrow pointing upward through gears indicating growth with a person climbing the arrow

Types of Capital for Construction Businesses

Construction companies need capital to get off the ground, stay...

Close up of person's hand signing a contract with another hand pointing to the document.

The 5 Key Types of Construction Contracts

There are five common types of construction contracts: lump sum...

Contractor in high viz vest and hard hat holds drawings and looks at a building under construction

A Contractor’s Guide to Working Capital: Managing & Measuring Liquidity

Effective evaluation and management of working capital is a critical...

Estimating & Bidding

Financial success begins with a solid foundation during the preconstruction phase of a project. Learn how to develop accurate cost estimates and use them to build a winning bid.

Construction Estimating

Construction Cost Estimating: A Step-By-Step Guide

Construction estimating is the process of calculating all of the...

Palette of lumber

What Is a Construction Material Takeoff?

In construction, a takeoff is the process that contractors use...

Man in hard hat and vest surveys a construction site with workers and equipment.

The Construction Bidding Process Explained

Understanding how the construction bidding process works can help your...

Photo of 2 people in a office reviewing a document on a laptop.

Bidding 101: Types of Tender in Construction

Owners and contractors alike rely on the bidding process to...

Construction mobilization illustrated by large equipment being transported down a road

How to Manage Construction Mobilization Costs

Getting a construction project off the ground is an expensive...

Photo of hand reviewing documents with calculator

6 Tips to Boost Contractor Profit and Reduce Overhead in Construction

The average net profit margin for construction businesses ranges from...

Photo of someone using a computer and filling out a paper form

Bidding on Government Construction Contracts: A Contractor’s Guide

Winning a government construction contract can be lucrative for contractors....

Photo of pallets of bricks at a construction site

Calculating Cost of Goods Sold for Construction Contractors

Cost of goods sold (COGS) makes up a substantial portion...

Contractor Financing

Two people review financial documents.

Contractor Financing: The Complete Guide

The financial success of a construction business depends largely on...

Two construction workers shake hands behind stacks of building materials.

4 Tips to Negotiate a Higher Credit Limit With Your Building Material Supplier

Contractors trying to grow their businesses and take on larger...

Overhead shot of a man sitting at a desk reviewing invoices.

How to Evaluate Financing Options for Contractors

Debt isn’t a bad thing when it is used strategically...

Close up of people sitting in front of a laptop and clipboard with financial documents.

Business Loan Denied? What Contractors Can Do

If you’ve recently applied for and had your construction business...

Confidently Manage Financial Risk

Drive decisions with cost data.

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Recent Articles

Closeup of handshake with construction documents and hard hat on a desk.

Positioning a Balance Sheet to Help Secure Surety Bonds

In construction finance, a balance sheet is a financial document...

Three construction professionals looking at construction cost management tools on a tablet

Navigating Obstacles in Construction Cost Management

The financial stability of construction firms often hinges on their...

Two construction professionals reviewing a document while on a construction site

Construction Project Over Budget? Common Causes & Solutions

On construction projects, going over budget is an all-too-common scenario....

Photo of subcontractor laying tile

The Completed Contract Method of Accounting in Construction

Most construction companies earn revenue and pay job costs throughout...

Woman at a laptop conduction a construction audit.

Financial Audits in Construction: How to Prepare for & Manage an Audit

Financial audits are not something people look forward to facing...

Photo of a construction professional looking at construction finance data on a tablet while overlooking a construction site

Managing Direct Costs in Construction — and Their Impact on the Budget

Direct costs in construction are expenses directly linked to the...

Construction professionals examining construction income statements on a tablet and in print

Construction Income Statements: Understanding Financial Performance

In the construction industry, an income statement offers a snapshot...

Billing in excess of cost illustration of billing documents

Overbilling in Construction: Understanding Billing in Excess of Costs

The financial stability of construction firms often hinges on effectively...

Photo of a cost breakdown structure diagram displayed on a desktop computer screen

Cost Breakdown Structure: Enhancing Financial Clarity in Construction

General contractors must closely monitor project costs across various categories,...

Photo of an AIA billing document on the screen of an open laptop

A Contractor’s Guide to AIA Billing

AIA billing is a standardized process for submitting payment applications...

Photo of a construction professional in a reflective vice reviewing a construction budget document

Construction Budgeting: A Key to Successful Project Delivery

In construction, where every penny counts and the unexpected is...

Photo of construction professional on a cell phone while looking at a tablet

Underbilling in Construction: How to Capture Missing Revenue & Protect Cash Flow

Effective money management in construction projects is as essential as...

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