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Construction Activity Index

How a global crisis is changing American construction.

Over the past several weeks we have seen the majority of the U.S. reopen. As cases rise, several regions are reimposing new restrictions, pausing, and even reversing reopening opportunities. The question now is, how will the construction industry be impacted?

Dig Into the Numbers

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Section 1

COVID SIP & Reopening

Map of States re-opening
How States Are Reopening

As the Pandemic shifts, States have begun to rethink reopening. Procore will be in lockstep, tracking construction activity, to see how the industry will respond to yet another obstacle on the road to recovery.
SOURCE: The New York Times

March 15
Construction Activity Map
March 22
Construction Activity Map
March 29
Construction Activity Map
April 5
Construction Activity Map
United States of Sheltering in Place

The data reflects what we know to be true. By March 22, the majority of the country had instituted some kind of Shelter in Place (SIP) order. 
SOURCE: The New York Times

Section 2

The Numbers Behind Our New Normal

American Construction worker hours map

We looked at activity within Procore to compare pre-outbreak logged hours vs. post-outbreak logged hours. This data helped form a narrative of how COVID-19 is impacting construction workers.

We used an aggregated data subset of logged hours as of February 2 - four weeks prior to any Shelter in Place order. 
Source: Procore application daily log, data subject to change as customers update data

Section 3

The Hours: State by State

When we look at worker hours week-over-week, a story emerges from the data. While each state is impacted differently, many states saw the largest reduction in early April.

Construction Activity Map for July 12th
Worker Hour Change: Week of July 12th vs. Week of March 1st

Source: Procore application daily log, data subject to change as customers update data

July 5
Construction Activity Map
June 28
Construction Activity Map
June 21
Construction Activity Map
June 14
Construction Activity Map
June 7
Construction Activity Map
May 31
Construction Activity Map
May 24
Construction Activity Map
May 17
Construction Activity Map
May 10
Construction Activity Map
May 4
Construction Activity Map
April 27
Construction Activity Map
April 20
Construction Activity Map
April 13
Construction Activity Map
April 6
Construction Activity Map
March 30
Construction Activity Map
March 23
Construction Activity Map
March 16
Construction Activity Map
March 9
Construction Activity Map
Section 4

Big and Small Impacts

American Construction activity company size map

The global pandemic means both big and small businesses are navigating uncharted waters. However, we wanted to find out who was most impacted by the reduction in worker hours.

All sectors seem to be climbing back to pre-COVID worker hours. Small businesses saw more workers' hours decrease than enterprise companies in March, April and early May. While medium-sized businesses experienced a similar week-over-week decline to larger operations, small business worker hours were hit the hardest in early SIP. 
SOURCE: Company size based on annual construction volume, small = <$20M, medium = $20-200M and large = >$200M

Section 5

Pandemic Priorities

American Construction activity map

Defining who is most affected is only part of the story. Project type is another critical factor we examined to determine what infrastructure is still being built—and what isn't.
SOURCE: Procore application daily log, data subject to change as customers update data

American Construction activity map by sector
Infrastructure Industries

First, we looked at non-infrastructure projects vs. infrastructure projects. Our goal was to see if the specific portions of the industry were responding differently.

Healthcare projects have experienced significantly less activity reduction than other sectors, as well as less than other non-infrastructure projects during March and April.

Energy, on the other hand, appeared to have a large decline in late April but looks to be recovering in May and early June.

Transportation has been consistently down in March and April more than most infrastructure sectors, but these declines appear to more closely follow the trajectory of non-infrastructure projects.
Source: Procore application daily log, data subject to change as customers update data

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