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Boston Children's Hospital

Procore's centralized document management tool empowered Boston Children's Hospital to mitigate risks of costly inefficiencies.

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Procore has been crucial to helping BCH prepare for their ten year, three billion dollar plan to expand their healthcare services.


With an easy-to-use document management tool Procore has empowered the project managers who execute BCH's vision to work with efficiency and agility. They achieved this without the use of expensive custom-built systems and instead opted for Procore's centralized document management system and integration capabilities.

Delivering World-Class Facilities to Those in Need

Each year, Boston Children's Hospital opens its doors to more than 25,000 critically ill-children, young adults, their families, and the hospital staff that care for them.

Budgets and project completion certainly affect BCHs ability to continue providing world class healthcare facilities to the children who depend on them. It also affects the families who pay to continue their children's fight for life without the additional fear of rising healthcare costs.

BCH decided that they needed a proper project management platform that could help their team standardize processes across all teams to mitigate the risk of costly inefficiencies. They had the foresight to realize that an in-house system wasn't sustainable for BCH long term, nor was it solving their problems. In fact, it was making everyone's job more difficult.

Improving Project Health

"When I started at BCH," says Albert, "my job was consumed by a homegrown system and dashboard. It satisfied our financial audit requirements, but it created additional work of reconciling this data with our multiple systems."

"Plus, it wasn't user friendly. In fact, our architects hated it so much that they refused to use it. And our project managers couldn't use it even if they wanted to because it really wasn't useful as a project management tool. They were closing out projects with banker boxes full of invoices, contracts, documents, transmittals, and RFIs. These project managers were managing this all in Microsoft Outlook. The extra work that this created for them was mind boggling."

Everything Goes Through Procore

With the ten-year plan looming, Boston Children's Hospital wanted a system that would allow them full oversight of their project locations, collaborators, and information. Keeping this in mind, BCH set out to find the right solution that would provide a central hub for stakeholders to collaborate on, and actually use.

Because of their insistence on mandating that every contractor work in Procore, BCH's high-functioning contractors can stay on the same page and mitigate the risk of rework, cost overruns, and delays. BCH currently has 319 projects in various stages running in Procore.

"I try to do what I can to make sure that our teams focus on designing, managing, and building our projects. Instead of searching for answers or emptying inboxes. My vision was to offer a tool that allows collaborators to do their job quickly and easily with the help of Procore."

Procore's drawing-centric project management platform is user-friendly. Additionally, its' features allow for the customization, integration, and real-time updates that BCH stakeholders had tried to achieve with their custom-built tool, without the drain on capital and productivity.

Using the document management system, drawing sets, meeting minutes, RFIs, and financial integrations, BCH has achieved:

Collaboration, Which Means Less Rework
With mobile capabilities, BCH teams are able to leverage process standardization to collaborate in real-time on all projects, no matter their location, in the greater Boston metropolitan area. This means no one works off of outdated drawings sets and it mitigates rework that increases costs and delays.

Compliance with Safety Teams
Using Procore's open API and integration portal, BCH has expanded the functionality of their Procore account without draining their funds. Their custom built safety tools integrate with Procore's inspections management, relieving the need for subcontractors to manually send requests in multiple systems. "Our safety department has a lot of stuff on their plate. For them, having the ability to automatically pull requests out of Procore and integrate with our safety forms without creating multiple steps is very helpful."

Full Adoption Supported By Ease of Use
Procore's ease-of-use has encouraged BCH's contractors to utilize the project management tool to its' fullest extent. With all tasks being tracked with ball-in-court, workflows are smoother and teams are held accountable for their work. "That's been received very well. Every one of our major contractors has adopted Procore."

A Secure Document Retention Plan
At the end of a large project, BCH used to have boxes of documents that needed to be stored off-site for reference and auditing purposes. Now, all important company documents are stored in Procore's cloud-based construction management platform. "If anything ever comes up, it's a simple click to find documentation that would otherwise take someone manually searching through the stored files," says Albert.

One Last Question: What Is It That You Love Most About Your Job?

"The favorite part of my job is going home," Albert says jokingly. "Because I get to go home with the satisfaction in knowing that I supported the group effort. I get to help out the people who are executing our projects. And as a result, BCH gets the best in class infrastructure and facilities needed to complete our mission of delivering world class healthcare to those in need."

Since its original founding in 1869, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) has grown to become the number one hospital in the country for pediatric and adolescent health care.


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