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We surveyed our customers and analyzed the numbers to bring you an in-depth look at the tools that are driving meaningful value and insights to owners.

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Think beyond your bottom line.

From real estate developers, to corporations and manufacturing companies, we talked to customers around the world to find out how Procore is impacting their businesses. Here's what they said.


Optimize people and processes.

Relying on manual processes significantly slows down your team—not to mention putting your budget at risk. Our customers use Procore to reduce administrative work so they can focus on the tasks that matter most. 


Reduce risk.

Capturing data in Procore isn’t just a way to keep all stakeholders up to date. It can also help protect you against surprise costs, schedule delays, and vendor disputes. Our customers mitigate risk by enhancing three key areas.

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Improve efficiency.

Establishing scalable and centralized workflows across all your projects enables teams to finish projects faster, to your quality standards.

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Increase visibility.

Gain insight into each project and across your portfolio, with one central and secure location for all your project information.

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These numbers are just the beginning.

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