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See how a client saves hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by implementing Procore.


A client with $50M in construction volume per year surveyed three project managers and five field team members to determine the annual savings Procore would deliver. Their tasks and respective savings were remarkable and are shown below.

Savings Breakdown

Drawings and Documents

  • Searching for information on drives
    $3,240 72 hrs/year at $45/hr
  • Pre-construction drawing management
    $3,600 80 hrs/year at $45/hr
  • Drawing Updates
    $9,180 204 hrs/year at $45/hr
  • Drawing markup/version control
    $21,600 288 hrs/year at $75/hr
  • Photo management
    $25,250 505 hrs/year at $50/hr

Project Management

  • Bid solicitation
    $2,160 48 hrs/year at $45/hr
  • RFI processing
    $6,750 150 hrs/year at $45/hr
  • submittal processing
    $9,000 200 hrs/year at $45/hr
  • Change orders
    $10,800 144 hrs/year at $75/hr


  • Accessing accounting information
    $2,880 72 hrs/year at $40/hr
  • Pre-construction to PM hand-off
    $6,400 64 hrs/year at $100/hr
  • Calling superintendents
    $35,640 792 hrs/year at $45/hr
  • manually providing super information
    $79,200 1584 hrs/year at $50/hr

Total Savings: $215,700

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