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From small and medium businesses to enterprise companies, we talked to nearly a thousand users to find out how Procore is impacting their operation—not just their margins. Start completing projects ahead of schedule with tools to accelerate your workflows.

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21% 87% 32% 84% 30% 86%


87% of customers reported that after using Procore, submittals were processed faster, according to our 2018 Procore Survey


84% of customers reported they were able to process requests for information faster with Procore products, according to our 2018 Procore Survey

Punch Lists

86% of customers reported closing punch list items faster after using Procore products, according to our 2018 Procore Survey

Consider your projects covered.

When all your project information is stored in a single mobile platform, establishing due diligence has never been easier.


Protect Your Company

92% of customers say their company is more protected against claims or litigation due to the data tracked in Procore, according to our 2018 Procore Survey


Resolve Disputes

83% of companies say disputes are resolved more fairly since using Procore, according to our 2018 Procore Survey


Improve Daily Logs

92% of customers reported that they are able to enter daily logs faster using Procore products, according to our 2018 Procore Survey

Connect more to build better.


Improve Communication

64% of companies say communication has improved between the project staff and office teams since using Procore’s financial tools.


Increase Forecast Accuracy

70% of companies say budget forecasts are more accurate since using Procore.


Reduce Losses

76% of companies say they have reduced the number of non-recoverable change orders since using Procore.

The savings calculator is provided as-is and as an educational tool only.  Procore makes no representation, guarantee, or warranty of any kind regarding the calculator and any estimated or actual savings results.  Savings estimate is subject to change and such information should not be relied upon as a guarantee of service. Estimated savings calculations based on Procore’s industry cost database, and actual savings may vary based on a number of factors, including specific markets, services, rates, changes to your business and projects, and other economic factors. Estimated savings is based on use of Procore Technologies’ complete Suite of Products and does not include any fees or costs associated with such use.  For more information about Procore’s Suite of Products and their cost, visit

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