Robust Correspondence Management

From general correspondence to contractual correspondence, manage it all with Procore.

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Easy to manage, so nothing slips through the cracks

Procore's correspondence management system consolidates and connects the entire scope of business processes on a project from design and construction through handover. Everything is easily accessible in one place so you can minimise risk and mitigate project disputes.

  • Standardise and manage processes like Extensions of Time and Notices of Delay all in one place
  • Maintain order with automatic sequential numbering of each communication in a register
  • Save time searching through all project correspondence with filters
  • Resolve disputes faster or avoid them altogether with well-documented project communications

Record a History of All Project Correspondence

Protect your business from exposure to disputes and litigation with a robust correspondence management system that keeps a record of it all.

Quickly Turn a Correspondence Into an RFI or Variation

Convert any correspondence into an RFI or a variation at the click of a button, and each item will link to the other for complete record keeping. You can also link any correspondence to drawings stored in Procore.

A Fully Searchable and Reportable System

Create reports to surface new insights that were previously impossible or time-consuming to gather. For example, how many of your NODs were actualised and converted to EOTs? What is the total cost and schedule impact for all DCRs/EOTs/CIs?

Complete and Granular Control Over Who Sees What:

Administrators can easily set permission templates to ensure the right level of visibility for each type of communication. And our new "Permissions" tab allows you to quickly check who can see a communication, leaving out the guesswork and the headache.

“All our standard forms, folders, and documents are stored on Procore. It brings us consistency in the delivery of our projects, which is what our clients want. Whichever project you go to, RFIs, documents, and snag lists are all consistent.”

Rob Frank

Customer Experience Director

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