Detailed Observations

See anything? Track everything

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Never let an observation fall through the cracks.

Whether a non-conformance, safety violation, or good practice, track, assign, and report upon multiple types of construction observations on the fly before substantial completion.

  • Create observations as a stand alone item or from an inspection or drawing, whether in the office or out in the field
  • Attach supporting documentation such as photos, drawings, and links to specs
  • Keep your observations separate from your substantial completion items managed in the Punch List tool
  • Identify punch list Items associated with your observation
  • Assign a responsible party and due date
  • Manage your observations through completion, maintaining real time history of actions
  • Setup automatic overdue emails to keep responsible parties on track

“Procore is exactly what we needed to standardize how we do things the HITT way.”

Jim Landefeld

HITT Contracting