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Contractors on a jobsite

Professional Services

Tailored implementation, training, consultation and integration and deployment support to scale Procore across your organisation while helping you unlock more value and productivity.

Contractors on a jobsite

Put our expertise to work.

Going digital isn't a switch to be flipped. It's a process that looks different at every organisation. Procore wants to meet you where you are—so you can build what comes next.

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Set your organisation up for success.

Maximise your investment in Procore. Increase user adoption from field to office. Improve your organisational efficiency.

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Provide bandwidth and expertise to get the job done.

Overcome bottlenecks and accelerate outcomes. Keep full-time staff focused on core activities. Reduce the need to hire more staff.

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Lean on strategic and operational support.

Product and industry experts with deep knowledge of your organisation can provide ongoing insights and informed recommendations that keep your business moving.

How Our Team Can Partner with You

Whether you're looking to realise value sooner or rethink your Procore strategy, our flexible offerings bring the expertise you need.

Agilite contractors reviewing a project with Procore on a tablet


Get off to a great start.

Getting started with Procore means changing how your team works for the better. We've helped companies of all sizes and industries make the switch easier to get meaningful results quickly.

  • Tailor right-sized rollout strategies for your unique needs

  • Create standard operating procedures (SOPs) tailored to your business

  • Put an adoption plan in place with training and change management resources

Woman working on her computer while looking at the camera


Count on us to bring the know-how.

Our experts operate with one mission: to make the lives of everyone in construction easier. By partnering with us, you’ll have the critical change management and technical expertise to handle your evolving needs.

  • Put plans into action with remote administrative services

  • Strategically connect to integrations with technical services 

  • Overcome the learning curve with expert advisors

a Blueprint on a tablet


Deliver continuous improvement and innovation.

We're hyper-aware of the continuously evolving construction landscape. With a data-driven approach to construction best practices, we're uniquely poised to help you push the boundaries every day.

  • Support effective transformation with multi-phase project management

  • Apply insights from product and industry experts to stay current

  • Optimise your processes with strategic advisors

There's a path to success for every team.

Procore offers services tailored to the size of your team and the work that you do. Whether you are a builder or developer, have a large IT staff or none at all, our team is ready to help you achieve the outcomes you're looking for.

Alberici's warehouse interior

Customer Story

The Professional Services team helped define the process, figure out the details and lead implementation. They are a great partner.

Brooks Williams

Director of Construction Technology


More Resources

Explore the following resources to learn how to kickstart your digital transformation today.

Piece of aluminium pipe inside of Hillsdale Fabricators' welding warehouse


Alberici needed a custom ERP integration – Procore Professional Services was there to help.

Alberici improves financial reporting with Procore Services team


Take the next step.

Tell us what you're solving for. We'll help you find the best solution.