Quality Assurance

Quality Management Tools for the Course of Construction

Empower your site teams to achieve the highest quality standard on every job. Cut through the complexity to comply with the latest quality management building standards.

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Construction workers using Procore on a jobsite

Reduce defect rates on mission critical projects.

The recent loss of public confidence and trust has drawn attention to the construction industry’s slow adoption of integrated technology solutions. Procore’s platform helps contractors and developers implement their quality assurance plan accurately with easy-to-use quality management tools. So everyone working on-site is accountable for contributing to a safer, more trustworthy build. Achieve end-to-end quality assurance and control during the whole construction process:


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Set the quality assurance framework upfront using pre-defined quality templates, forms, and procedures.

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During Construction

Share more accurate reporting with key stakeholders in real-time to identify any potential risks and assure projects are on track.

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Handover the complete picture of the project digitally with minimal administrative resources.


Future-proof your business.

Get ahead of your competition. Accelerate your digital transformation to keep on top of changing regulatory requirements during the course of construction.



More Projects Managed

Surveyed participants say they see a 30% average increase in construction volume each person can manage.


More Visibility

84% of respondents agree that Procore gives visibility into the health of your projects in order to stay on time and budget.


More Construction Volume

Surveyed participants say they see a 24% average increase in capital projects/assets each person can manage.

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Proactively manage quality standards at all times.

Quickly and easily establish a quality management plan and strategy for each project based on your existing company templates:

  • Easy-to-use platform, training and unlimited support helps fast adoption
  • Higher quality production outputs
  • Minimal defects from start to finish
  • Shorten project timelines with confidence
Construction workers using Procore on a jobsite
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Transparency leads to team accountability.

Gain visibility across the project at all times with a single source of truth. This includes the outputs and project status for all 3rd party consultants and subcontractors: 

  • Personalised access levels
  • Maintain accurate digital records effortlessly
  • Third party verification of Quality Assurance standards 
  • Share Inspection Records with key stakeholders
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Site teams plan and execute quality workflows together.

By following clear quality workflows that have been defined upfront as a team:

  • Everyone understands what is expected of them
  • They have greater visibility of where things at in-real time, even if they are offsite
  • Capture information and photos to prove their quality of work
  • Ensure that their work has been completed to meet or exceed expectations
Construction workers using Procore on a jobsite

“We need to shift the conversation to the trustworthiness of a completed building...there's lots of people talking about the pieces and parts, but we [need] this industry to look into how we make trustworthy buildings.”

David Chandler OAM

NSW Building Commissioner

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