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Three Balmain & Co workers


Meet the platform giving teams the edge in quality.

Connect teams in real time with Procore—the only construction platform with quality at its core. Eliminate delays and rework, break down data and communication silos and nail down compliance so your team can deliver the highest quality standards, every time.

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Three Balmain & Co workers
Contractor inspecting a finished roof

Meet the team working towards zero defects.

Balmain & Co's trusted reputation is built on quality projects. In order to scale, their team needed a single platform to accelerate productivity, quality and performance. With Procore, they successfully centralised project data, improved collaboration and projected a 112% time saving on their defect liability period.

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Construction workers finishing up a floor

Meet the crew improving defect closure rates.

Mono Constructions' growth was held back by paper records, spreadsheets and a project management solution that didn't integrate with core business tools. Switching to Procore allowed their team to improve defect closure by 50%, gain 100% visibility into operations and achieve a 12X ROI on their change management program.

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You guide to zero defects eBook cover on a tablet

Meet the guide that’s redefining quality.

Rework is a major issue affecting all construction companies' bottom line. The good news is that it’s preventable. Our practical guide will arm you and your team with the tips, strategies, and templates you need to work towards zero defects and deliver quality in construction.

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Construction workers inspecting a column

Meet the group setting the benchmark for quality.

Woollam has cemented its reputation as an industry leader by leveraging quality, insights and technology as a strategic advantage. Today with Procore, they've set new benchmarks for quality, efficiency and better building, cutting safety incidents by 40% and saving 1.5 hours a day on site checks.

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Procore UI with persona headshots illustrating a connected platform

Meet Action Plans.

Developed to support Australian quality standards, Action Plans is tried and tested by 240+ Australian and NZ customers. It digitises your workflows and ITPs, allowing all project stakeholders to plan, execute and achieve high-quality outcomes with ease.

Get the tools for mastering quality excellence.

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Future-proof your business.

Get ahead of your competition. Digitise your QA processes to achieve the highest quality standards and stay on top of the changing demands of consumers and regulators.


Improved Quality

83% of customer respondents agree that Procore has helped improve overall quality control in order to deliver higher-quality projects.


Reduction in Rework

Customer survey respondents who agree Procore helps reduce rework reported an average reduction of 16%.


Faster Defect Closure

On average, respondents have reduced defects resolution time by 56%, compared to previous means.

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* Based on a 2022 survey of Procore customers.

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Front view of luxury town houses

Case Study

Balmain & Co

Balmain & Co swaps Aconex for Procore to up the ante on productivity and quality

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